Rexona Women Aloe Vera Deodorant 150ml
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  • World's No. 1 Deodorant Brand
  • 10X protection. Prevents odour from sweat + bacteria
  • Underarm odour protection a light
  • fresh aloe scent with a calm and cooling feeling that leaves you clean and protected from odour
  • Contains 0% alcohol and is safe on skin
  • 48hr Sweatguard Antiperspirant
  • Dermatologist tested
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Rexona Women Aloe Vera Deodorant 150ml
Presenting REXONA - the Worlds No. 1 deodorant brand now in India! Rexona deodorants are specifically designed to prevent odour caused by sweat + bacteria. Did you know even one drop of underarm sweat + bacteria = 90%* of body odour? Contrary to popular belief underarm sweat by itself is odourless. However the bacteria feeds on this underarm sweat and their waste products is what causes body odour. To stop body odour at its source you need Rexona Deodorant. Rexona acts on underarm sweat where bacteria thrive to keep you smelling clean and protected from odour all day! It has SWEATGUARD technology which gives you 10X PROTECTION** and prevents odour from sweat + bacteria. Rexona Aloe Vera Deodorant Spray with a light fresh aloe fragrance with a calm and cooling feeling that keeps you smelling clean and feeling confident all day long. With a dry & fresh feel it gives 48hr protection against odour. With 0% alcohol it is safe on skin and is dermatologist tested. So apply Rexona Aloe Vera Deodorant after your bath every morning and step out with Rexona confidence! Whether youre scaling a mountain running for the bus or train presenting to your boss or going for your first job interview you can be confident of the best protection. Rexona – It Wont Let You Down!
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Rexona Women Aloe Vera Deodorant 150ml
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