Ritebite Sugarless Bar Apple Cinnamon 27Gm

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  • Apple cinnamon flavoured bar.
  • Sugarless low calorie high fibre bar.
  • Ideal for diabetics and overweight people.
  • Lowers cholesterol levels.
  • Promote healthy digestion.
  • Whisk up your taste buds with perfect snack bar.

Rite Bite sugarless Apple Cinnamon is a delicious and nutritious high fiber bar. It is formulated by real apple juice concentrate and natural extracts of cinnamon to provide sustenance to the body. The sugarless bar provides 99 calories with no added sugars. Vitamins and protein found in this bar keep you fit and dynamic. Ideal for diabetics and overweight people.

The rich apple cinnamon flavoured gives a fruity inclination in each nibble. It helps to lower cholesterol levels and aids in the digestive health. This bar conveys taste and also health benefits that go about as the best substitute when you avoid your suppers.

Beat your hunger at anyplace with this rich, nutritious, low calorie and sugarless protein bar!

Net Quantity:27grams

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