Skin Shine Soap 75Gm
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Skin Shine Soap 75Gm
Skin Shine Soap is a 75 gm Soap which is an all-round Skin Cleanser. It is very effective in removing Pimples and fighting against acnes.Key Ingredients• Sodium Palmitate• Lemon Fruit extract• Tinogard Soothing Talc• Aqua• Orange Peel Extract• Tea Tree Oil• Allantoin ExtractKey Features• Intensive formula for whitening which gives your skin a rich and youthful complexion.• Helps to prevent Pimples from occurring again on your face.• Removes and exfoliates Dead Cells from your skin.• Prevents infection formation as it contains astringent characteristics.• Regulates oil and sebum content on your face.Directions of Use• Use it over wet skin.• Gently massage and spread the foam.• Leave it on the skin for a while.• Wash and rinse well.
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Skin Shine Soap 75Gm
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