Skin Shine Soap 75Gm

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Skin Shine Soap is a 75 gm Soap which is an all-round Skin Cleanser. It is very effective in removing Pimples and fighting against acnes.Key Ingredientsβ€’ Sodium Palmitateβ€’ Lemon Fruit extractβ€’ Tinogard Soothing Talcβ€’ Aquaβ€’ Orange Peel Extractβ€’ Tea Tree Oilβ€’ Allantoin ExtractKey Featuresβ€’ Intensive formula for whitening which gives your skin a rich and youthful complexion.β€’ Helps to prevent Pimples from occurring again on your face.β€’ Removes and exfoliates Dead Cells from your skin.β€’ Prevents infection formation as it contains astringent characteristics.β€’ Regulates oil and sebum content on your face.Directions of Useβ€’ Use it over wet skin.β€’ Gently massage and spread the foam.β€’ Leave it on the skin for a while.β€’ Wash and rinse well.
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