Sugar Free Natura Sachet 50*1g
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  • Low-calorie sugar substitute 
  • Contains 0 calories Sucralose
  • Ideal for weight-watchers, diabetics and health-conscious people
  •  Used in cooking, baking, etc
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₹77.60 ₹80.00
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Sugar Free Natura Sachet 50*1g

Sugar Free Natura is made from Sucralose and contains low-calorie sugar substitute, that can be used in cooking, baking and added to various beverages - tea, coffee, ice-tea, ice-coffee, etc. It adds sweetness to the food item but has fewer calories as compared to the normal Sugar. Hence, you can enjoy the sweetness without worrying about gaining weight or increasing your blood glucose levels. Anyone from weight-watchers can use Sugar Free Natura, health-conscious people to people with diabetes.

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Sugar Free Natura Sachet 50*1g
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