Threptin Biscuts Choclate

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  • High protein biscuits.
  • Delicious chocolate flavoured.
  • Support general well being and health.
  • Serves as the meal between meals.
  • Cholesterol and Trans fat free.

Threptin a delicious high protein supplement fortified with B vitamins. It is formulated to meet the daily nutrients needs of an individual. It is a blend of high quality protein and it contains Class 1 casein protein with PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score).


  1. Easy to much protein biscuits with delicious chocolate flavour.
  2. Serves as a perfect snack in between meals to suppress hunger.
  3. Cholesterol and Trans fat free easily digested protein biscuits.

Net Quantity:275 grams

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