Tresemme Climate Cont Shampoo 600Ml

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  • It contains climate control complex with keratin olive oil that creates a barrier between your hair the weather elements.
  • It hydrates and strengthens your hair.
  • Prevents frizz.
  • This advanced hair care system leaves hair shiny, soft and manageable.

Tresemme Climate Control Shampoo is perfect for frizz-prone hair that just refuses to stay put. This shampoo is enriched with keratin and olive oil to give you silky, tangle-free and nourished hair. It prevents frizz by creating a barrier between your hair and the weather and gives you smooth and feather soft hair.

Tresemme Climate Control Shampoo locks in the moisture in your hair that controls the frizz and cleanses dirt gently, leaving your hair to feel soft and silky.

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