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Ways to Keep Your Mother's Health in Check

By - 18 May 2023

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A mother works tirelessly without any compensation to ensure that her child is well-equipped with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to make her child a competent human being.  

But who will look after them? Who is going to consider their emotions, physical fitness, and mental health? Who will understand their "I am okay"? Mothers deserve far more than we give them credit for. She deserves every bit of respect, love, compassion, care, wellness, and happiness.

This Mother's Day, give her the gift of health and happiness. Unable to understand where to begin? Don't be concerned! Here are some suggestions for keeping your mother healthy and happy. This approach will undoubtedly assist you in making your mother feel like the lady of your life.


Be her exercise buddy

Exercise is a healthy way of life. Exercise keeps us away from diseases and their associated risks. However, most mothers do not have time to monitor their health because they are preoccupied with keeping the rest of the family healthy. It's time to become her exercise companion.  

  • Try low-intensity home workouts with her.
  • Gift her a membership to the gym.
  • Take her for a morning or evening walk.
  • Encourage her to join a laughing club, Zumba, or yoga.
  • Practice meditation or chanting together.


Serve her a healthy meal

In Indian families, mothers are more likely to consume leftover food. These poor eating habits can raise her cholesterol, sugar levels, hormone levels, and blood pressure. Encourage mothers to consume a healthy diet.

  • Mother most likely prepared an infinite number of meals for you. Serve her a wholesome meal created on your own, this Mother's Day.
  • Cook her all-time favorite recipe and share old memories with her.
  • Share some healthy meal recipes with each other and test them out on weekends.
  • Explain to her about food labels, calories, and portion sizes.
  • Keep an eye on her eating and medication schedules.
  • Check her nutritional needs at this stage. Apollo Pharmacy is a one-stop solution to provide a wide range of nutritional supplements.

Push her to learn new things

Mothers are practically every child's first teachers. They are recognized as homework, exam, and college application champions. Now it's your turn to encourage your mother to learn new things.

  • Maintain your mother's hobbies, whether they be singing, dancing, painting, or anything else.
  • Teach her about new technologies, their applications, and the benefits they provide.
  • Introduce her to various social media platforms and how they can assist her.


Gift her a sleep mask

Every mother may recall at least one memory of sleepless nights. Mothers stay awake for their children, initially for their hunger, then for their studies, then to ensure they arrive safely back home from work, and finally to spend time with their grandchildren. But don't mothers deserve a little more attention in exchange for a good night's sleep? Assist mothers in getting a good night's sleep.

  • Make sure she gets in bed on time and gets enough sleep.
  • Give her a good head massage.
  • Play soothing and relaxing music in her room.
  • Light some aromatic candles or place essential oil drops near her bed.
  • Give her a sleeping mask and explain certain benefits.

Apollo Pharmacy offers a wide range of sleeping masks, essential oils, and massage oils.


Spend time together

Everyone's life is full of happy family memories and amusing events. Who doesn't enjoy spending time with their family and friends? However, when a woman becomes a mother, she begins to spend more time with her children. She looks forward to noting her child's developmental milestones.

  • We usually spend our time recalling our childhood memories. Inquire a mother about her memories.
  • Invite her childhood pals to your house.
  • Investigate her dreams and, if possible, try to fulfill them.
  • Bring her to the family picnic.


Be her support system

Mothers are like a support system for their children in the event of a physical, emotional, or mental setback. It is the child's job to grow into one for the mother as well. Mothers are considered to become more powerful and patient after becoming mothers. They do, however, seek assistance and support over time. 

  • Make yourself her best buddy.
  • Respect and support her choices.
  • Make her feel at ease and understand her concerns and difficulties.
  • Allow her enough space to express herself freely.
  • Go with her to a doctor's appointment.


Bottom line is

When juggling parenting, work, and social commitments, a mother's health often suffers, manifesting as a variety of physical disorders. Mothers are the rock on which our families and generations are built. Everyone in the family is responsible for keeping her health in check. This Mother's Day, being her child, accept your mother as she is and make her feel special.



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