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Health devices – overview

In these unprecedented times, it is important to do everything we can to stay healthy. With an increasing number of virtual health visits, the ability to perform basic health tests at home has become a necessity. 

To monitor your health effectively, here are some healthcare devices that you can purchase online on Apollo Pharmacy and Apollo 24|7 app, at the tap of a button:

Blood pressure monitor

It is essential to keep the blood pressure in check because long-standing blood pressure problems can cause damage to the arteries and the heart. Regularly checking your blood pressure can also help your healthcare provider understand if your prescribed medications are working or need alteration. Now check your BP reading instantly with the best BP monitors available online on Apollo Pharmacy and Apollo 24|7 app. Choose from popular brands such as Apollo Pharmacy, Dr Morepen, Omron, and more.

Blood sugar monitor or glucometer

Blood sugar testing is considered to be a crucial part of managing and controlling diabetes or hypoglycemia. Keeping a check on your blood sugar level can help you contact your doctor if the glucose level is outside the target range; it will help avoid emergencies. You should consider taking your blood glucose readings at different intervals before and after meals. It will help your doctor understand how exercise, food, and medicine affect blood glucose levels. Test your blood sugar levels at the comfort of your home by buying a glucometer online. Choose from popular brands like Accu-Chek, Apollo Pharmacy, OneTouch, FreeStyle, and Dr Morepen, which are now available online on Apollo Pharmacy and Apollo 24|7 app.


A nebulizer is used to treat various lung diseases, such as chest tightness and wheezing. The nebulizers available on Apollo 24|7 and Apollo Pharmacy will help individuals with asthma and related ailments to live and breathe a little easier. Buy your favourite from a wide range of products available with us.

Infrared thermometer 

An infrared thermometer is a non-contact device that enables you to measure the body temperature instantly from a distance. Buy the best and accurate infrared thermometers available online on Apollo Pharmacy and Apollo 24|7 app.

Pulse oximeter

A pulse oximeter is a device that is used to check the oxygen levels of the blood. In these uncertain times, take charge of your health by measuring your blood oxygen level with a pulse oximeter from one of the many leading brands available with us.

Digital thermometer 

A digital thermometer is used to measure the temperature of the body. It is portable and has permanent probes with a comfortable digital display. Keep a check on your fever with a wide range of digital thermometers that are available with us.

What is the use of a respirometer for lung health?

A respirometer is a medical device that checks the respiration rate of a person by analysing the oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange rates. Check the health of your lungs effectively with a respirometer available online on Apollo Pharmacy and Apollo 24|7 app. 

What is a digital weighing machine?

It is a device used to check the mass or weight of a person. A digital weighing machine works well with the strain gauge cell. A digital weighing scale is more accurate than an analogue one and has a modern design. 

Frequently asked questions

What is a health device?

Any device that helps individuals keep track of their health can be called a health device. This section will have equipment that may come in handy for each person. Be it for healthy living or getting specialised tests with tools such as nebulisers, BP machines, or glucose monitor machines.

Can I purchase these health devices online without prescriptions?

All products that come under the health device category can be purchased online without a doctor’s prescription. However, it is recommended to understand the proper usage of specialized products such as BP monitors, glucose monitors, and nebulisers.

Can I use a pulse oximeter without a doctor’s prescription?

The use of a pulse oximeter is a pain-free process that has become important during the pandemic. You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy a pulse oximeter as you can easily get it online.

What is the main purpose of a digital weighing scale?

A digital weighing scale is a device that measures, displays and reads the weight of an object. Unlike an analogue balance scale, a digital weighing scale is the best quality scale that gives accurate weight readings.

Is a respirometer good for the lungs?

A respirometer can keep your lungs healthy and active during bed rest. Keeping the lungs healthy with a respirometer lowers the risk of developing complexities like pneumonia, respiratory failure, atelectasis, and bronchospasms.