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Buy your BP monitor machine online at Apollo Pharmacy

Apollo Pharmacy is India’s most trusted and reliable online pharmacy that delivers authentic medicines to its customers and offers the fastest home delivery of healthcare essentials. Choose the most genuine BP monitors online on Apollo Pharmacy and get an accurate reading of your blood pressure within minutes.

BP monitor

With more and more health visits going virtual, monitoring blood pressure levels has become a necessity. It is essential to keep blood pressure in check because long-standing blood pressure problems can cause damage to the arteries and the heart.

Types of BP monitor

Primarily, there are two types of BP monitors:

Digital BP monitor

Automatic BP monitor

Digital BP monitor

A digital BP monitor provides a digital display of the blood pressure measurement. There are two different types of digital blood pressure monitors— wrist monitors and arm monitors.

Automatic blood pressure monitor

It checks the blood pressure of the patient by using the auscultatory technique. This method requires a stethoscope and an inflatable cuff attached to a needle. There are two types of automatic BP monitors—cuff-mounted and hand-held.

What is a healthy blood pressure reading? 

Usually, the optimal blood pressure reading should be between 90/60 mmHg to 120/80 mmHg. A reading of 140/90 mmHg or higher is considered as high blood pressure, and reading of 90/60 mmHg or lower is considered as low blood pressure.

Is it normal if there is fluctuation in blood pressure levels?

Minor variations in blood pressure are quite common. In general, it may vary by 10 mmHg (millimetres of mercury) in most people. However, major fluctuations need to be monitored effectively as they may show a sign of an underlying condition. Several factors affect the blood pressure levels, such as anxiety, diet, age, medication, and physical activity.

Best time to measure blood pressure

Keep a check on your blood pressure levels daily because it is important to know if there are any fluctuations. The best time of the day for blood pressure measurement depends on you and your daily routine. Try to take your blood pressure readings when you are relaxed. If you are anxious, there may be a rise in your blood pressure value temporarily.

What are the risk factors that affect your blood pressure reading?

Several risk factors may affect your blood pressure readings. Rigorous exercise or eating has a major impact on your readings. It is usually elevated while eating a meal and for a while after you finish the meal. Your blood pressure may rise if you are stressed, so you need to relax and rest for a while before checking your blood pressure. Lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating habits, and using tobacco or drinking alcohol can also lead to an increase in your blood pressure.

Where can I buy a BP monitor?

Buy a blood pressure monitor at the best price from a wide range of BP monitor products available on Apollo Pharmacy and the Apollo 24|7 app. You can choose from the leading BP monitor brands like Apollo Pharmacy, Omron, Dr. Morepen, and a lot more.

Frequently asked questions

Why is monitoring blood pressure important?

Monitoring blood pressure is significant because undiagnosed high blood pressure may cause damage to your arteries and heart in the long run. It also helps your physician understand if medications prescribed to you are needed or working.

What is the ideal blood pressure monitor reading?

An accurate reading is when the (top) systolic blood pressure reading is between 120 mm Hg to 129 mm Hg, and the (bottom) diastolic blood pressure reading is below 80 mm Hg.

What to do if my blood pressure is higher than 130?

If your blood pressure is higher than 130 mm Hg, you should speak to your doctor, who may recommend you to adopt new lifestyle habits.

What are the common causes of inaccurate blood pressure readings?

It is normal for the blood pressure to vary throughout the day in different settings. Activities such as stress level, food or drink intake, physical exercise, or the time of day can impact a person’s blood pressure. Minor variations are quite normal. 

What is the right way to use a cuff?

To get accurate readings, you should place the cuff on your arm properly.

Where to get the accessories for my BP monitor?

Get accurate accessories for your BP monitor online from Apollo Pharmacy or the Apollo 24|7 app, where you can find accessories and products from leading brands like Apollo Pharmacy, Omron, Dr. Morepen, and a lot more.