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Apollo Pharmacy Compressor Nebulizer, 1 Count




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The Apollo Pharmacy Compressor Nebulizer is a reliable and efficient device designed to efficiently deliver medication in the form of an aerosol spray to treat respiratory illnesses. With its powerful compressor and precision-engineered nebulizer kit, the compressor nebulizer effectively converts liquid medicine into a fine mist, allowing it to travel deep into the lungs easily for optimal absorption. The Apollo Pharmacy Compressor Nebulizer is compact, lightweight, and easy to use, making it suitable for every household. It features a child mask and an adult mask. The Apollo Pharmacy Compressor Nebulizer comes with a one-button, noiseless operation for the convenience of use. It is a trusted companion for individuals managing respiratory conditions.

Apollo Pharmacy Compressor Nebulizer Features:

  • Comes with 1 adult and 1 child mask
  • Features 5 filters and a 2-metre air tube
  • Comes with a 6ml medicine cup
  • Easy to use and clean
  • One button operation
  • Noiseless
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Powerful compressor for effective medicine delivery

Uses of Apollo Pharmacy Compressor Nebulizer, 1 Count


Key Benefits

  • Effective medicine delivery: The Apollo Pharmacy Compressor Nebulizer comes equipped with a powerful compressor that ensures effective delivery of medication in the form of an aerosol spray to reach deep into the lungs for optimal absorption.
  • Reliable operation: The Apollo Pharmacy Compressor Nebulizer has a precision-engineered nebulizer kit that can effectively convert liquid medicine into a fine mist for quick action.
  • Comfortable treatment options: With a comfortable mask for a child and an adult, users can comfortably medicate themselves in the comfort of their homes.
  • Portable and convenient: The compact and lightweight design of the Apollo Pharmacy Compressor Nebulizer allows for the convenience of carrying while travelling. This asthma nebulizer is also easy to clean and store.
  • Easy operation: The one-button operation makes this asthma nebulizer a premium choice among users. It also comes with noiseless operation for convenience.

Directions for Use

  • Sanitise or wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before using the nebulizer.
  • Connect one end of the 2-metre tube to the nebulizer cup and the other end to the mask.
  • Pour the liquid medicine into the nebulizer cup till the permissible mark.
  • Attach the nebulizer cup properly to the compressor unit.
  • Sit comfortably in a slightly reclined position.
  • Wear the mask and ensure it fits snugly.
  • Turn on the nebulizer and breathe normally to inhale the mist.
  • Keep inhaling till the nebulizer cup is empty.
  • Once completed, turn off the nebulizer and disconnect the tube from the nebulizer cup and the mask.
  • Clean the nebulizer cup thoroughly according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Store the nebulizer in a clean and dry place.

Safety Information

  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Store in a dark and dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.
  • Don’t sterilize the components in boiling water.
  • Sterilize the mask using a mild detergent and water or rubbing alcohol.
  • When not in use keep the nebulizer well-packed and store it in a dust-free hygienic place.


Question: How does a nebulizer kit work?

Answer: A compressor nebulizer kit uses compressed air to transform liquid medicine into a fine mist. The mist can then be easily inhaled by the patient through a mask, allowing the medicine to reach the lungs effectively.

Question: What types of medicines can I use with a nebulizer kit?

Answer: A wide range of medicines can be administered using a nebulizer kit. You can use nebulizer medicine for asthma like albuterol or salbutamol, corticosteroids for managing chronic respiratory conditions, liquid antibiotics to treat respiratory infections, and mucolytic agents for loosening mucus.

Question: How often should I clean my nebulizer kit?

Answer: It is paramount to disinfect your nebulizer kit after every use to prevent bacteria buildup. Typically, you should disassemble the nebulizer, wash every part with lukewarm soapy water, and then allow them to air dry. Further, refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

Question: Can I share my nebulizer kit with others?

Answer: It is not recommended to share your compressor nebulizer kit with anyone, even if they are family members. Sharing nebulizer kits can lead to the transmission of infections. However, if it is absolutely necessary, use a separate mask or mouthpiece.

Question: Can I travel with my nebulizer kit?

Answer: Yes, nebulizer kits are portable. However, it is always safe to check airline regulations before beginning the journey. Don't forget to carry your prescription to inform the relevant authorities about the presence of medical equipment in your luggage to ensure a smooth travel experience.


“I have been using the Apollo Pharmacy Compressor Nebulizer for my asthma medication for quite some time now and it has been a lifesaver. The kit is easy to assemble, use and clean. I highly recommend this compressor nebulizer kit for anyone with respiratory issues.' - Sakshi Chauhan, Filmmaker, 31

'As a parent, I am grateful to Apollo for this nebulizer kit, I purchased for my child. It easily administers the medication. The extra child mask provided with the kit fits comfortably on my kid’s face, and he can inhale the medicine without any fuss. The nebulizer also operates quietly.”- Kanika Khurana, Professional, 37

'I recently started using this compressor nebulizer kit from Apollo for my chronic bronchitis treatment and I must say, it has offered a lot of relief. The nebulizer is simple to operate, and the mist generated is gentle and provides immediate relief. I am glad I invested in this nebulizer kit.'- Akash Kumar, Financial Consultant, 32

Key Ingredients

100% copper motor


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19, Bishop Gardens, Raja Annamalaipuram, Chennai - 600028 (Tamil Nadu)
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MRP ₹1799


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