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Managing hypertension before, during, and after pregnancy

Protecting Two Lives: Managing Hypertension for a Healthy Pregnancy and Beyond #ApolloPharmacy #ProtectTwoLifes #PregnancyInducedHypertension #HypertensionManagement #WorldHypertensionDay


5 Ways to Cut Back on Tobacco

Tobacco is a health hazard with its roots deep into people’s lives. Often consumed out of habit or for leisure, tobacco can be deadly. The ill effects of tobacco can sneak up on a user slowly and surely. Check out the guide to control tobacco use and adopt these ways for a healthier life. #ApolloPharmacy #TobaccoControl #TobaccoCessation #WorldNoTobaccoDay


Stop Mosquitoes From Biting You This Summer

Make certain that mosquitoes do not ruin your summer fun! Keep those pesky insects at bay by following these guidelines. #ApolloPharmacy #BeatTheSummerWithApolloPharmacy #BiteFreeSummer #MosquitoRepellent #MosquitoZappers


Food to eat and avoid for weight management during PCOS

Weight gain is a major issue with PCOS, don’t worry it can be control by healthy diet, regular exercise, weight management supplements and doctor consultation. Read out which food should eat and avoid for a healthy weight management. #ApolloPharmacy #WithHerAtEveryStage #WeightManagment#GoFigure


Tuberculosis and Its Connection with Other Diseases

There are many signs of tuberculosis that we are unaware of. Let’s understand the connection of tuberculosis with other diseases so that we can be alert and prevent the impending danger. #ApolloPharmacy #Tuberculosis #WeCanEndTB #TBDay2023


Smart Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy

Our brain performs a lot of important functions in our body. So, keeping your brain healthy is equally crucial as your heart. Here is a guide to keeping yourself updated with the smart ways for brain health. #ApolloPharmacy #BrainHealth #NervousSystem #MindOverMatter


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6 Hidden Sexual Health Conditions

There are certain uncomfortable topics in our society labeled as taboo. Sexual health is one of the topics. Let's break a taboo and spread awareness about some hidden sexual health conditions. #SexualHealth #HiddenDiseases #ApolloPharmacy #SexualAwareness


Healthy Food to Boost Winter Immunity

It's that time of the year when not just the temperatures dip but so does your immunity. Winters are known to give us a chill pill but did you know that cold weather also impacts your immune system? Yes, you heard it right! Now, this may have got you thinking, about how you suddenly start experiencing flu-like symptoms in winter and are mostly seen sneezing and coughing. Blame it all on the cool weather.


Is high cholesterol weighing you down?

If you're curious about what influences high cholesterol, what to do if you've been diagnosed with it, and whether there are options to reverse it? Well, there are many (wink smiley), read on.


Healthy tips to protect skin in winter

It’s a well-known fact that our skin requires more care during the winter season than ever before. What happens to our skin during winter? During winter the skin’s barrier is disrupted due to the fluctuation in the air quality for e.g., cold air outside, hot air inside, and dry air everywhere. This kind of climate results in dry and itchy skin for everyone and worsens pre-existing skin conditions, especially in patients suffering from eczema and psoriasis.