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The following particulars/details must be uploaded by the Principal Employers/ Contractors in their websites:

S No.Particulars/DetailsDescription
1 Name/address of Websitewww.apollopharmacy.in
2 Name of the EstablishmentApollo Pharmacies Limited
3 Address of the Establishment (Registered office)19, Bishop Gardens, Raja Annamalai Puram, Chennai - 600028, Tamil Nadu.
4 Address of the Establishment (Branch office)No. E-18/B-1 LPG House, Mohan Co-Operative Extension, Mathura Road, New Delhi-110044
5 Nature of work for which Contract Workmen employedDelivery of Medicines
6 Name of the Proprietor/Partner/Director/Managing DirectorMr. Naveen Sahani
7 Date of starting of Business1-Sep-20
8 Date of Initial agreement with the Principal Employer (working since with PE)1-Sep-20
9 Mobile No. of PE/Contractor1860-500-0101
10 E-mail ID of PE/Contractorcustomerservice@apollopharmacy.org
11 Website Address of Organization No. E-18/B-1 LPG House, Mohan Co-Operative Extension, Mathura Road, New Delhi-110044
12 Registration No./Contractor Labour License No. and valid uptoN/A
13 Registration under the Registration Act,1908N/A
14 Registration under Partnership Act,1932N/A
15 Registration under the Companies Act,1956CIN: U52500TN2016PLC111328
16 Registration No. under the Delhi Shops & Establishment Act,19542020125497
17 Registration under the Factories Act (For PE)N/A
18 Registration No. of Employee ESI Act,19482.0510514700001E+016
19 Registration No. EPF and Misc. Provisions Act,1952DSNHP0935659000
20 Services Tax Registration No.N/A
21 Sale Tax Registration No.N/A
22 PAN Card No.AAPCA5954P
23 GST Registration No.07AAPCA5954P1ZT