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Beurer BC 32 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, 1 Count

Beurer BC 32 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, 1 Count



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The Beurer BC 32 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is designed to easily check your blood pressure right from the vicinity of your home. Furthermore, this monitor also helps in tracking your pulse/heart rate. The digital screen display makes the measurement an easy task. This fully automatic blood pressure monitor reports incorrect usage to ensure you use it correctly. Beurer BC 32 is a perfect equipment that helps you keep alarmed in heart-related medical emergencies. This monitor is also equipped with a risk indicator and arrhythmia detection.

Key Benefits

  • Beurer BC 32 wrist blood pressure monitor has been skillfully developed with an ergonomic design. It has a velcro strap fastener that supports a wrist circumference of 13.5 to 19.5 cm. 
  • This monitor is extremely light in weight, which makes it a portable and easy-to-carry device at all times.
  • This monitor comes with an automatic pressure measuring feature. This means that the instrument can detect automatic pressure preselection and deflation. 
  • It also detects cardiac arrhythmia disorder and indicates if there is a potential heart rhythm disturbance.
  • It has a low battery indicating feature, good storage and can hold up to an average of 2x60 memory space.

Directions for Use

  • Ensure the device is at room temperature before measuring. The measurement can be performed on the left or right wrist.
  • Bare your wrist, making sure that the circulation in the arm is not restricted by any clothes that are too tight. Position the cuff on the inside of your wrist.
  • Fasten the cuff with the Velcro fastening so that the upper edge of the monitor is positioned approximately 1 cm below the ball of your thumb.
  • The cuff has to be fitted tightly around the wrist but should not constrict it.
  • Put on the cuff as described previously and assume the position in which you want to carry out the measurement.
  • Using the buttons +, select the user memory 1 or 2. Start the measurement process by pressing button O. After checking the display with all digits lighting up, the monitor will automatically inflate. Following the self-test, during which all display elements briefly appear, the measurement begins.
  • During inflation, the device already determines measured valves used to estimate the required inflation pressure. If this pressure is insufficient, the device automatically inflates by another.
  • Then, the pressure in the cuff is slowly released, and the pulse is measured.
  • When the measurement has been completed, the remaining air pressure is released very quickly. The pulse, the systolic and the diastolic blood pressure are displayed.
  • The device switches off automatically after 1 minute.

Safety Information

  • Do not adjust medication based on measurement results from this blood pressure monitor. Take medication as prescribed by your doctor. Only a doctor is qualified to diagnose and treat high blood pressure.
  • Do not use this monitor on an injured arm or an arm under medical treatment.
  • Keep out of the reach of children, toddlers and infants.



Question: What is the optimal time to measure blood pressure?

Answer: Measuring blood pressure within one hour after you get up in the morning and before you go to bed at night is recommended. Please ensure to take the measurement at the same time every day.

Question: What are the red flags for high blood pressure?

Answer: If you have high blood pressure, let your doctor know if you have symptoms like severe headache, difficulty breathing, fatigue/confusion, irregular heartbeat, chest pain, pounding in the chest, neck or ears, vision problems or blood in the urine.

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