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Friends Easy Adult Diapers XL, 10 Count



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Friends Easy Adult Diapers is a comfy solution for adults with weal bladder issues so they can say yes to the active lifestyle. Its super absorbent gel core soaks the moisture and quickly locks the fluid so you feel dry for upto 8 hours long. It has an odor control technology that keeps your diaper area fresh and you can travel or get along with your favorite work worry-free. Designed specifically to suit unisex needs, it gives you protection against moderate urine leakage.

Uses of Friends Easy Adult Diapers XL, 10 Count


Key Benefits

  • Triple protection against odor, moisture, and leakage for 8 hours long
  • Has dual-core padding soaks better in the target zone
  • Shows when the diaper is full with its wetness indicator
  • Comes with a super absorbent gel core that is antibacterial
  • Easy to wear with adjustable fit due to the 2 pairs of re-fastenable tapes

Directions for Use

  • While in a sleeping position, spread the diaper open and slide the diaper lengthwise under their lower back.
  • Fold the diaper to fit into shape and attach the seal on the waist; check for comfort fit while fastening the tapes.
  • For a standing position, put the open diaper on the back and bring the lower panel from in between the legs to the front side.
  • Fasten from lower to upper tapes.

Safety Information

  • Empty the feces matter (if it is on the diaper) in the toilet and flush.
  • Don’t flush the diaper in the toilet; wrap it in a paper and dispose of it in a trash bin.
  • Suitable for single use only.
  • Read the label carefully before use.
  • Store in a clean, dry, and hygienic place.





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Nobel Hygiene Pvt Ltd, A/70, M I D C, Malegaon, Sinnar, Sinnar, Maharashtra 422103

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10 Diapers in 1 Pack