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GNC Women's One Daily Multivitamin, 60 Tablets

GNC Women's One Daily Multivitamin, 60 Tablets



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GNC women's one daily multivitamin tablet is a robust dietary supplement designed to bolster various facets of women's health. This GNC multivitamin for women is loaded with 32 powerful ingredients, such as water-soluble vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients, offering a spectrum of benefits that could aid women in staying healthy and active. From boosting energy levels and immunity, enhancing focus for superior productivity, supporting healthy vision, to improving skin and hair condition, this multivitamin caters to the diverse needs of a woman's well-being.

It also contains a unique beauty blend for skin betterment, antioxidants to combat ageing, additional calcium and magnesium for joint support, and more iron to boost haemoglobin level. The GNC women's multivitamin is a handy way to ensure a daily nutritional intake for overall health, immune support, and skin health.

Beyond these attributes, each tablet delivers vital nutrients that match those found in specific foods like vitamin A, vitamin D3, calcium, and folic acid. These tablets offer a handy solution for women to meet their daily nutrient needs for comprehensive health, immunity strengthening, and skin nourishment.


  • Composed of 32 powerful ingredients
  • Contains brain health blend
  • Infused with special beauty blend
  • Special antioxidant protection blend
  • No GMO and gluten free

Uses of GNC Women's One Daily Multivitamin, 60 Tablets

Women Suppliment

Key Benefits

  • Enhances Immune System:These multivitamin tablets contain 16 essential nutrients including vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D3, B-complex, iron, biotin, which are immunity boosters. These ingredients strengthen your immune system for a strong defence against bacteria, viruses, and other harmful agents.
  • Increases energy levels:GNC’s multivitamin tablets contain an Antioxidant-Protection Blend that prevents oxidative damage caused by free radicals. This helps improve your stamina and promotes faster post-workout recovery. The product also contains B-vitamins that support energy production and metabolism.
  • Supports Healthy vision: These tablets contain a unique eye health blend with lutein and zeaxanthin as the key ingredients to protect your vision and reduce the risk of eye diseases.
  • Includes a Unique Beauty Blend for Skin Improvement:These multivitamin tablets for women are enriched with ingredients like vitamin C, biotin, hydrolyzed collagen to make your skin firmer and your complexion more radiant. These ingredients also strengthen and nourish your hair and nails. Additionally, they contain Antioxidants to Resist Ageing Effects.
  • Supports brain function: GNC multivitamin tablets containa special Brain Health Blend made of Choline and Inositol, which helps you focus better and supports cognitive functions.

Directions for Use

  • Take one tablet of the GNC Women's One Daily Multivitamin every day.
  • The tablet can be consumed with a meal.
  • It's better to take the multivitamin at a fixed time each day for maximum benefit.
  • Remember to drink plenty of water after taking the tablet.
  • Always follow the recommended dosage and do not exceed it.

Safety Information

  • Always follow the recommended dosage to avoid any potential side effects.
  • Discontinue use and consult your healthcare provider if any adverse reactions occur.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.


Q1. Can I take the GNC Women's One Daily Multivitamin without a meal?

Ans. It is recommended to take this multivitamin with a meal for better absorption.

Q2. Will this supplement help improve my skin and hair?

Ans. Yes, the GNC Women's One Daily Multivitamin contains nutrients that may help improve skin and hair health.

Q3. How long should I take this multivitamin for?

Ans. You can continue taking the GNC Women's One Daily Multivitamin as long as you feel the need to supplement your diet with extra nutrients.

Q4. Does this supplement contain any allergens?

Ans. The GNC Women's One Daily Multivitamin is free from common allergens. However, always check the label for full ingredient information.

Q5. Can I take this supplement if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

Ans. Consult your healthcare provider before starting any supplement regime, especially if you're pregnant or breastfeeding.


'I love the GNC multivitamin for women! It has really helped improve my energy levels and overall well-being.' - Ayesha Khan, Office Administrator, 29

'I have been using the GNC Women's One Daily Multivitamin for a few months now. I've seen a noticeable improvement in my skin and hair health. Highly recommended!' - Mansi Kathuria, Software Engineer, 34

'The GNC women's multivitamin has become an integral part of my daily routine. It gives me the required nutrients that I sometimes miss out on due to my busy schedule.' - Nidhi Chawla, Fitness Trainer, 32

Key Ingredients

37 essential Nutrients and minerals.

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Guardian Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd., 12-14, 3Rd Floor, Brady House, Veer Nariman Road, Fort, Mubai-400001
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