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Hansaplast Cotton Crepe Bandage B.P. 10 cm x 4 m, 1 Count

Hansaplast Cotton Crepe Bandage B.P. 10 cm x 4 m, 1 Count



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Look no further than the Hansaplast Cotton Crepe Bandage. This bandage offers optimum compression, providing instant relief from pain. Whether you're dealing with muscle strain or joint pain, this bandage has got you covered.

Not only does it offer firm support and compression, but it also provides warmth to your muscles and joints, promoting faster healing. Made of skin-friendly material, this bandage ensures comfort even during extended wear.

One of the best features of this bandage is its reusability and washability. Simply wash it after use, and it's ready for the next time you need it. The soft and absorbent material keeps you dry and comfortable throughout the day.


  • Provides optimum compression and relieves pain
  • Helps relieve muscle strain and joint pain
  • Offers firm support and compression along with warmth
  • Made of skin-friendly material to ensure comfort
  • Reusable and washable

Uses of Hansaplast Cotton Crepe Bandage B.P. 10 cm x 4 m, 1 Count

External Use

Key Benefits

  • Optimum Compression and Relief: The Hansaplast Bandage provides optimum compression, which helps reduce swelling and relieve pain in injured areas. This bandage helps relieve muscle strain and joint pain, providing you with the comfort you need during recovery.
  • Firm Support and Warmth: With its firm support and compression, the Hansaplast Bandage stabilises injured muscles and joints, helping them heal faster. The bandage also provides warmth to the affected area, promoting blood flow and accelerating healing.
  • Comfortable and Skin-Friendly Material: Made of skin-friendly material, this bandage ensures maximum comfort even during extended wear. The soft and absorbent material of the bandage not only enhances comfort but also absorbs any excess moisture or sweat.
  • Reusable and Washable: You can reuse the Hansaplast bandage multiple times as it is washable, making it a cost-effective and eco-friendly option for your healthcare needs.

Directions for Use

  • Clean the affected area before applying the bandage.
  • Wrap the crepe bandage firmly around the area, ensuring optimum compression.
  • Secure the end of the crepe bandage with a clip or tape.
  • Adjust the tightness of the crepe bandage as needed for comfort.
  • Remove and reapply the crepe bandage as necessary.

Safety Information

  • Consult a doctor if you have any underlying medical conditions or allergies.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid applying the bandage too tightly to prevent circulation problems.
  • Please do not use it on open wounds or broken skin.
  • Discontinue use if irritation or discomfort occurs.


Q1. Is this bandage suitable for all body parts?

  1. The crepe bandage is designed for various body parts, including joints and muscles.

Q2. Can I wear this bandage while showering?

  1. It is recommended to remove the bandage before showering or bathing to maintain effectiveness and cleanliness.

Q3. How long can I wear this bandage?

  1. The bandage can be worn for several hours at a time, but it is advised to take breaks and remove it during extended periods.

Q4. Is this bandage breathable?

  1. The material is breathable, allowing air circulation to promote comfort and prevent moisture buildup.

Q5. Can I reuse and wash this bandage?

  1. The crepe bandage is reusable and washable. It should be cleaned according to the instructions provided.


'This crepe bandage 10cm x 4 m has been a lifesaver for my knee pain! I'm able to move around comfortably now. I can wear it during the day as well as at night. ' - Ramesh Sharma, Engineer, 45

'I highly recommend this bandage for anyone with muscle strains or joint injuries. It provides excellent support and relief. The warmth that the material gives is perfect for restoring circulation in the affected areas.' - Meera Patel, Yoga Instructor, 32

'As a sports enthusiast, this bandage has become a staple in my first aid kit. It helps me recover faster from minor injuries. Minor sprains and muscle pulls can be easily healed using the Hansaplast Cotton crepe bandage 10cm x 4 . ' - Susha Reddy, Athlete, 28


10cm X 4m

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B Wing, F- 07, 4th Floor, Art Guild House,Pheonix Market City, LBS Rd, Kurla West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400070
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