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Juene Hair Oil, 100 ml

Juene Hair Oil, 100 ml



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The Juene Hair Oil is specifically designed to promote hair growth and improve the overall health of your hair. With its unique features and benefits, this oil is a great addition to your hair care routine.

Containing natural ingredients, the Juene hair oil is a safe and effective choice for anyone looking to improve their hair health. These ingredients work together to nourish and strengthen the hair strands, promoting growth and improving the condition of your hair.

One of the key features of this hair oil is its antioxidant properties. Tocotrienol, a form of vitamin E present in the oil, acts as a powerful antioxidant, helping to shield your hair from damage caused by oxidative stress and free radicals. This protection is essential for maintaining the health and vitality of your hair.


  • Improves hair texture
  • Reduces hair thinning
  • Helps fight free radical-induced stress
  • Enriched with tocotrienol

Key Benefits

  • Antioxidant protection: The tocotrienol content in the Juene hair oil provides powerful antioxidant support, helping to shield the hair from damage caused by oxidative stress and free radicals. This helps to maintain the health and vitality of the hair.
  • Nourishes and strengthens: The coconut oil component in the Juene Hair Oil delivers superior protection against protein loss, which is a common cause of hair damage. By strengthening the hair strands from within, it promotes overall hair health and minimises breakage.
  • Enhances hair quality: With regular use, Juene hair oil improves the quality of hair by providing essential nutrients and hydration. It nourishes the scalp, stimulates hair growth, and restores shine and lustre to dull and damaged hair.
  • Protects from environmental damage: The combination of tocotrienol and coconut oil creates a protective barrier around the hair shaft, guarding it against external factors such as pollution, sun exposure, and heat-styling chemicals. This helps to prevent further damage and maintain the integrity of your hair.
  • Promotes hair growth: The Juene hair oil is formulated with natural ingredients that nourish and strengthen your hair, promoting healthy hair growth.

Directions for Use

  • Apply a generous amount of Juene hair oil to your scalp and hair.
  • Gently massage the oil into the ends of your hair and work up to the scalp.
  • Leave it on overnight for maximum absorption.
  • For best results, use Juene hair oil regularly.

Safety Information

  • For external use only.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • If you experience any irritation or allergic reaction, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.


Q1. Can I use Juene Hair Oil every day?

Ans: Yes, Juene hair oil can be used daily for best results. However, if you have an oily scalp, it is recommended to use it 2-3 times a week.

Q2. How long should I leave the oil on my hair?

Ans: For optimal results, it is recommended to leave Juene Hair Oil on your hair for at least 30 minutes before washing off. For deeper nourishment, you can leave it overnight.

Q3. Can I apply Juene Hair Oil on damp hair?

Ans: Yes, you can apply Juene hair oil on either damp or dry hair. However, ensure even distribution for best results.

Q4. Can I use Juene Hair Oil if I have chemically treated hair?

Ans: Yes, Juene Hair Oil is safe to use on chemically treated hair. It helps in providing nourishment and restoring the health of damaged hair.

Q5. How long will one bottle of Juene Hair Oil last?

Ans: The duration of one bottle of Juene hair oil depends on individual usage. On average, it lasts for approximately 2-3 months.


'My hair has become thicker and shinier since I started using the Juene oil. It's a boon for me!' - Rupali Das, Engineer, 45

'I was sceptical at first, but the Juene Hair Oil has significantly reduced my hair fall. I'm amazed!' - Shekhar Mohanty, Businessman, 32

'After using the Juene oil for a few weeks, my hair feels stronger and healthier. I love it!' - Divya Shetty, Student, 21

Key Ingredients

Tocotrienol, Coconut Oil, Light Liquid Paraffin, Lavender O Bht.

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A-201, Shreyas Complex, Nr Vejalpur Bus Stop, Vejalpur,Ahmedabad, Gujarat-380051
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