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Pampers Premium Care Diaper Pants XL, 36 Count

Pampers Premium Care Diaper Pants XL, 36 Count



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New & improved Pampers All-Round Protection Pants have an anti-rash blanket* containing lotion with aloe vera, to keep your baby’s skin protected from redness, irritation and rashes. Quality diapers with 100% wetness lock, keeps the pee locked inside & baby's bum stays dry all night.

Air channels & stretchy belt provides your baby breathable airy fit - comfortable even in summer. Pampers' unique magic gel technology provides up to 12 hours of dryness – and has 2X faster absorption. The new and improved product design enables a comfortable fit, closer to the baby’s body and an extra soft flexible waist band that adapts to the baby’s movements for best comfort.

A top layer with cotton-like soft material ensures a comfortable night’s sleep. Our pants with fun exterior graphics, fun designs of characters and a delightful fresh aloe fragrance ensure you enjoy every change with your baby.

*Blanket refers to soft topsheet with lotion. Helps prevent rash due to wetness after 1 day of usage, based on clinical studies in USA 2000-2019.

Uses of Pampers Premium Care Diaper Pants XL, 36 Count

Baby Diapers

Key Benefits

  • Anti-Rash Blanket - India’s first diaper containing lotion with aloe vera that prevents rashes.

*Blanket refers to soft topsheet with lotion. Helps prevent rash due to wetness after 1 day of usage, based on clinical studies in USA 2000-2019.

  • Up to 100% Wetness Lock - Unique magic gel technology that locks all pee & poo inside ensuring a peaceful sleep for your baby all night.
  • Extra Soft - New Pampers has extra soft material and a stretchy belt to keep your baby comfortably sleeping all night.
  • Up to 12 hrs Absorption - Designed for soaking all night urine with upto 2X faster absorption speed keeping baby's bum dry all the time.

Directions for Use

  • Let your baby lie on their back.
  • Put the diaper under their body.
  • Secure the diaper pants by pulling and attaching the side elastic in symmetrical positions.
  • Adjust the diaper in position as per the baby’s comfortability.

Safety Information

  • Keep it away from infants and children to avoid accidental strangulation or suffocation.
  • Wrap the used diaper and discard it in a trash can; don’t flush the diaper in the toilet.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Check the expiration date before use.



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Procter & Gamble, India P&G Plaza, Cardinal Gracias Road, Chakala, Andheri (E), Mumbai - 400099.
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