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VWash Plus Expert Intimate Hygiene Wash, 100 ml

VWash Plus Expert Intimate Hygiene Wash, 100 ml

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The VWash Plus is a specially formulated product that prioritises your vaginal health. By maintaining a pH balance of 3.5, it mirrors the natural acidic environment of the vagina, reducing any discomfort caused by irritation, itching, and dryness. The unique blend of lactic acid and sea buckthorn oil not only restores the vaginal pH balance but also enriches it with necessary vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids. V Wash Plus helps keep a healthy vaginal flora and prevents any unpleasant odours or irritation from developing. This paraben and SLS/SLES-free product is safe for daily use and even during periods. The inclusion of tea tree oil also provides additional antibacterial and soothing properties. With V Wash Plus, reassure yourself of freshness, comfort, and confidence as it becomes an essential part of your intimate hygiene routine.


  • Unique pH balanced formula of lactic acid
  • Enriched with sea buckthorn oil and tea tree oil
  • Free from harmful parabens and SLS/SLES
  • Safe for daily use and during menstrual cycles
  • Clinically tested
  • 100% soap free

Uses of VWash Plus Expert Intimate Hygiene Wash, 100 ml

Women Hygiene

Key Benefits

  • Maintained Vaginal pH:V Wash Plus helps restore the natural acidic environment of the intimate area with its pH of 3.5, thereby preventing discomforts like irritation, itching, and dryness.
  • Optimal Nourishment: This component is rich in essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids which nourish and safeguard the delicate skin of the intimate area.
  • Protection Against Harmful Bacteria: Lactic acid present in V Wash Plus promotes the growth of lactobacilli while inhibiting harmful bacteria. This not only maintains the healthy vaginal flora but also prevents potential infections.
  • Prevention of Unpleasant Odours & Irritation: Regular use can help prevent unpleasant odours and irritation in the intimate area, enhancing personal comfort and confidence.
  • Safe Daily Use: This product is safe for daily use, enabling you to maintain constant intimate hygiene. Its mild and gentle formulation ensures that there are no adverse effects on your skin's health.
  • Free from Harmful Chemicals: With a formulation free from Parabens & SLS/SLES, VWash Plus ensures that your intimate area isn't exposed to harmful chemicals. It prioritises your health whilst providing effective hygiene care.

Directions for Use

  • Wet the intimate area with water.
  • Pour a few drops of VWash Plus onto your hand.
  • Apply externally on the intimate area and gently rub to work up a lather.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water after use.
  • Safe for daily use, including during periods.

Safety Information

  • Store at a temperature not exceeding 30° C
  • For external use only.


Q1. Are there any specific conditions when I should not use V Wash Plus?

Ans: Ideally, there are no specific conditions under which you cannot use this product. However, if you have any ongoing vaginal infections or diseases, do consult your doctor before using it.

Q2. Can V Wash Plus cause any side effects?

Ans: V Wash Plus is generally safe for daily use. However, if you experience any irritation or sensitivity upon applying the product, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.

Q3. Does V Wash Plus prevent infections?

Ans: While VWash Plus supports a healthy vaginal environment, it's important to note that it does not replace medical treatment for infections. If you suspect an infection, consult a healthcare professional.

Q4. Can using VWash PLUS help prevent infections?

Ans: The lactic acid in V Wash Plus helps to maintain a healthy environment in the vagina that can prevent infections. However, it's essential to consult a healthcare provider if you suspect an infection.

Q5. What makes V Wash PLUS different from ordinary soap?

Ans: Regular soaps can disrupt the natural pH balance of your intimate area, leading to dryness, irritation, and infections. V Wash Plus is specifically designed to match the natural acidic environment of the vagina, ensuring it maintains optimal health and hygiene.


'I've been using V Wash Plus for over a year now, and I must say it's the best decision I've made for my intimate health. It leaves me feeling fresh and confident throughout the day.'- Priya Chatterjee, Software Developer, 28

'As a sportsperson, maintaining intimate hygiene is crucial for me. V Wash Plus has been my go-to product for the V Wash price point. It's easy to use, and I've never faced any irritation or discomfort.' - Lakshmi Nair, Athlete, 25

'I have been using V Wash Plus for a few months now, and I must say it's the best feminine hygiene product in the market especially for the VWash price. It's so gentle on the skin and keeps me feeling fresh all day.'- Sunita Singh, Housewife, 40

Key Ingredients

Enriched With Sea Buckthorn Oil Which Contains An Abundance Of Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants And Amino Acids.

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Hindustan Unilever Ltd, Unilever House, B D Sawant Marg, Chakala Andheri East - 400099
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