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VLCC Pearl Facial Kit, 1 Count

VLCC Pearl Facial Kit, 1 Count



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The VLCC Pearl Facial Kit offers a comprehensive facial regimen for radiant skin, right in the comfort of your home. This facial kit boosts and purifies your skin with a 6-step routine that replicates the results of a professional salon treatment at an economical VLCC pearl facial kit price. Enriched with calcium, it stimulates skin cell regeneration and regulates natural oil production to maintain a healthy skin balance.

The pearl bhasma or ash, rich in essential minerals like magnesium, zinc, strontium, selenium, and amino acids, acts as a natural moisturiser, hydrating the skin from within. Moreover, this VLCC pearl kit also includes proteins that rejuvenate skin cells, along with vitamin B complex and polysaccharides to enhance skin metabolism. It effectively eliminates age spots and dark spots while reducing signs of ageing. Furthermore, it brightens your skin tone from within, leaving you with a youthful glow.


  • All-in-one facial treatment package
  • Rich blend of minerals
  • Contains pearl bhasma or ash
  • Packed with proteins that renew skin cells
  • Suited for all skin types

Uses of VLCC Pearl Facial Kit, 1 Count

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Key Benefits

  • Home-based salon-like glow: The VLCC Pearl Facial Kit provides a facial experience similar to that of a parlour but within the comfort of your own home. This means you can now achieve that radiant salon glow without stepping out of your house.
  • Regulates skin's oil production: The VLCC Pearl Kit is rich in calcium which helps to regulate the skin's natural oil production. This means you can say goodbye to unwanted shine and hello to a balanced and glowing complexion.
  • Natural moisturisation: The use of pearl bhasma or ash, a potent natural moisturiser in the VLCC Pearl Facial Kit, ensures your skin remains hydrated and nourished. This leaves your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Promotes cell regeneration: The presence of proteins in the VLCC Pearl Facial Kit encourages skin cell renewal. This results in younger-looking skin that feels more firm and elastic.
  • Improves skin metabolism: With the inclusion of vitamin B complex and polysaccharides, the VLCC Pearl Kit aids in the improvement of skin metabolism. This leads to healthier, more vibrant skin with regular use.
  • Reduces signs of ageing: As an added benefit, the VLCC Pearl Facial Kit reduces signs of ageing by eliminating age spots and dark spots. So not only does it give you a radiant glow, but it also makes you look younger.
  • Brightens skin from within: Lastly, this facial kit has an inherent ability to brighten your skin from within, revealing a brighter complexion upon regular use. For the VLCC pearl facial kit price, these benefits make it a steal deal.

Directions for Use

  • Comfrey Cleanser Toner - Apply on face & neck in circular strokes for 2-3 minutes, then wipe off with moist cotton.
  • Pearl Powder - Mix the powder with milk until it becomes a smooth paste. Apply evenly on the wet face and leave for 1-2 minutes. Massage the skin gently with wet fingertips, then wipe off with moist cotton and remove excess with splashes of water.
  • Pearl Gel - Apply the gel all over the face and neck. Massage gently with fingertips until it gets absorbed.
  • Pearl Cream - Apply the cream all over the face and neck using fingertips. Massage with light circular upward strokes for 10-15 minutes.
  • Pearl Pack - Apply the mask in a thin even layer all over the face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Place two wet cotton wool pads over the eyes and relax for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off with splashes of cold water and pat dry.
  • Oil-free Moisturising Gel - Take the gel on your fingertips. Gently massage it all over your face and neck.



Safety Information

  • Always conduct a patch test before using the product to check for any allergic reactions.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water.


Q1. Is the VLCC Pearl Facial Kit effective against acne and pimples?

Ans. While the product helps regulate natural oil production in the skin, there is no specific mention of its effectiveness against acne and pimples.

Q2. How frequently can I use the VLCC Pearl Kit?

Ans. The VLCC Pearl Kit can be used once a month for optimal results. The time it takes to see results can vary from person to person. However, with regular usage according to the directions provided, improvements should be noticeable over time.

Q3. Can I use the VLCC Pearl Facial Kit on sensitive skin?

Ans. Yes, but it's always a good idea to perform a patch test first to rule out any potential allergic reactions.

Q4. Is this facial kit suitable for all age groups?

Ans. Yes, the VLCC Pearl Kit is suitable for adults of all ages. However, those with mature skin may find it particularly beneficial due to its cell regeneration properties.

Q5. Can men use the VLCC Pearl Facial Kit?

Ans. Absolutely, the VLCC Pearl Facial Kit is suitable for all genders. The VLCC pearl facial kit price makes this a suitable option for everyone.


'I've been using the VLCC Pearl Facial Kit for a few months now, and the difference in my skin is noticeable. It's softer, brighter, and my dark spots have noticeably lightened.' –Priyanka Patel, Software Engineer, 29

'It's like having a parlour facial at home. The VLCC pearl kit gives my skin such a wonderful glow!' -Ravi Shankar, Freelance Writer, 35

'VLCC Pearl Facial kit has been a game-changer for me. My skin feels rejuvenated and so much healthier since I've started using it! It has become a staple for me due to the VLCC pearl facial kit price.' –Gayatri Nair, Yoga Instructor, 42

Key Ingredients

Pearl Image - Pearl Bhasma or ash is a natural moisturizer. It contains proteins that renew skin cells and vitamin B complex and polysaccharides that strengthen and improve metabolism of the skin. Aloe Vera - Popularly known as “the plant of immortality” has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, hydrating, healing and rejuvenating properties. Sandalwood - Sandalwood, another precious gift of nature helps heal and rejuvenate the skin. It helps remove tan, brightens the skin and reduces fine lines. Turmeric Image - With its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, it keeps skin infections at bay, also leads to new cell generation and rejuvenation of the skin.

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64, HSIIDC Sector 18, Maruti Industrial Area, Gurugram - 122015, India.
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