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Buy the Best Air Purifiers and Masks at Apollo Pharmacy

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, awareness about air quality has increased. This is because many variants are believed to be contagious and travel through the air, both inside and outside the house. To combat this issue, the demand for products like air purifiers and masks has risen recently as these help ensure safety from harmful contaminants. 
Air purifiers are used to eliminate the contaminants inside the house, whereas masks are worn to prevent the entry of impurities from the air outside. The types of air purifiers differ based on the time it takes to purify a room, while masks are differentiated base on the environment and reusability.
Various suppliers offer air purifiers and masks, but Apollo Pharmacy stands out. It offers a variety of air purifiers and masks at competitive prices.

What is the Function of Air Purifiers and Masks?

The primary function of air purifiers is to get rid of the contaminants present in the indoor air by capturing them and releasing the depolluted air. It sanitises the air and removes particles like pollutants, allergens, and toxins. Air purifiers deliver the best results when paired up with an existing source of ventilation, like a window.
On the other hand, face masks provide a barrier between the impurities present in the air and your nostrils. They do not allow foreign contaminants to enter your body, preventing the spread of diseases. Face masks are also available in three primary types–cloth masks, surgical masks, and N95 respirator masks. Out of these, cloth masks are the only ones that can be washed and reused.

Benefits of Air Purifiers and Masks

Although they target different environments and have different uses, air purifiers and masks are associated with some common benefits. These are:

  • Suitable for patients with breathing problems, especially asthma, as purifiers and masks assist in keeping the contaminants away from the body, preventing health complications.
  • Air purifiers lessen the chances of allergic reactions by purifying the air and getting rid of contaminants. Face masks prevent any inhalation of harmful foreign particles.
  • Air purifiers may help get rid of any unwanted smell caused due to specific contaminants. Face masks prevent unwanted smells from entering the nostril.


With all these benefits, air purifiers and masks curb allergies and asthma to an extent, but it is still necessary to continue the respective medication as prescribed by the doctor. Air purifiers display the most effective results when combined with simple home cleaning methods and proper filtration, usually with a separate air filter. 

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