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About Nifty-SR Tablet 10's

Nifty-SR Tablet 10's belongs to a group of antibacterial or antibiotics. Nifty-SR Tablet 10's is used to prevent and treat bacterial infections like urinary tract infections (UTIs), including Bladder Infection (cystitis). Besides this, it is also used in to treat kidney infections. A urine infection is often called a urinary tract infection (or simply, UTI). Most urine infections are caused by germs (bacteria). They are usually easily treated with a short course of an antibacterial medicine such as Nifty-SR Tablet 10's. Occasionally, longer-term treatment is needed to prevent infections from coming back.

Nifty-SR Tablet 10's contains Nitrofurantoin. When you take Nifty-SR Tablet 10's, your body immediately filters it out of your blood and into your urine. If you have a urinary tract infection, this indicates that the treatment is concentrated at the site of illness. On the other hand, nitrofurantoin kills bacteria by entering their cells and destroying their genetic material. As a result, it is effective against bacterial infections.

You should take Nifty-SR Tablet 10's only if your doctor has prescribed you. Most bacterial infections get treated within one week, while some conditions might take longer. If you stop taking it too early, the infection may return or worsen. So, it would be best if you tried to complete the prescribed dosage. During the treatment with Nifty-SR Tablet 10's, you may observe some common side effects like feeling sick (nausea), vomiting, diarrhoea, loss of appetite and headaches. But these side effects are usually in the initial phase and then resolve after some time. However, if these side effects persist, let your doctor know about this if you notice any sudden wheeziness, tightness in the chest or throat, difficulty in breathing, swelling of the eyelids, face or lips, rash or itching (especially affecting your whole body) STOP TAKING your medicine and go to a doctor immediately.

Nifty-SR Tablet 10's is generally well-tolerated among adults and children. Do not take Nifty-SR Tablet 10's if you are allergic to amoxicillin, penicillin antibiotics, have liver/kidney problems, and had any vaccinations. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, think you may be pregnant or are planning to have a baby, ask your doctor for advice before taking Nifty-SR Tablet 10's. As far as it is known, Nifty-SR Tablet 10's may be used in pregnancy. However, it should not be used during labour or delivery because there is a possibility that use at this stage may affect the baby. If you want to breastfeed, please consult your doctor first.

Uses of Nifty-SR Tablet 10's

Bacterial infections like urinary tract infections (UTIs), including Bladder Infection, cystitis and kidney infections.

Medicinal Benefits

Nifty-SR Tablet 10's contains antibiotic Nitrofurantoin, which helps in treating and preventing a wide range of bacterial infections like urinary tract infections (UTIs), including Bladder Infection (cystitis) and kidney infections caused by most susceptible bacteria (susceptible strains of Escherichia coli, enterococci, staphylococci, Citrobacter, Klebsiella and Enterobacter). It is bactericidal in nature and works by killing bacteria that cause infections by preventing the formation of the cell wall required for living. It also inhibits the repair of bacterial cells. Altogether it kills the bacteria.

Directions for Use

Tablet/capsule: Swallow it as a whole with water; do not crush, break or chew it.Dispersible Tablet: Check the label for directions before use. Disperse the tablet in the prescribed amount of water and swallow the contents. Do not crush, chew or swallow as a whole.Oral Suspension/Syrup: Shake the bottle well before use. Check the label for directions and take Nifty-SR Tablet 10's in doses as prescribed by your doctor with the help of a measuring cup/ dropper provided by the pack.


Store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight

Side Effects of Nifty-SR Tablet 10's

  • Feeling sick (nausea)
  • Dizziness or feeling sleepy
  • Being sick (vomiting)
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhoea
  • Headaches

In-Depth Precautions and Warning

Drug Warnings

Do not take Nifty-SR Tablet 10's if you are allergic or have had a severe reaction to Nifty-SR Tablet 10's or any other medicines in the past, or inherited conditions such as porphyria (a blood disorder), glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency,  severe kidney disease, diabetes, or any illness-causing severe weakness, anaemia or vitamin B deficiency. Inform your doctor if you have or have ever had a kidney, heart, or lung transplant, a joint or tendon disorder such as rheumatoid arthritis (an autoimmune disorder of joints causing pain, swelling, and loss of function), seizures (fits), epilepsy or if you participate in regular physical activity. Taking Nifty-SR Tablet 10's may worsen muscle weakness in people with myasthenia gravis (a nervous system disorder that causes muscle weakness) and cause severe difficulty breathing or death. Grapefruit, a calcium-rich food, should be avoided along with Nifty-SR Tablet 10's. And also, exposure to sunlight should be avoided while taking Nifty-SR Tablet 10's as it may cause increased phototoxicity or photosensitivity. Patients with epilepsy and irregular heartbeat (QT prolongation) should tell their doctor before taking Nifty-SR Tablet 10's.

Drug Interactions

Drug-Drug interactions: Nifty-SR Tablet 10's may have an interaction with Vaccines [such as Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG),  cholera vaccine, live, typhoid vaccine, live], a medicine used to treat relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (teriflunomide), medications to treat rheumatoid arthritis (leflunomide), cholesterol-lowering medications (lomitapide), cholesterol-lowering pills (mipomersen), medication is used to treat a certain type of tumour (pexidartinib), a topical anaesthetic (prilocaine), and medicine used to treat relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (teriflunomide).

Drug-Food Interactions:  Nifty-SR Tablet 10's interacts with grapefruit, foods rich in calcium, and a large volume of alcohol. Grapefruit contains compounds known as furanocoumarins, which interfere with how the liver and intestines break down the medicine and filter out toxins.

Drug-Disease Interactions: Inform your doctor if you have or have ever had colitis (a chronic digestive disease characterized by inflammation of the inner lining of the colon), G-6-PD deficiency (hemolytic anaemia), hepatotoxicity (Liver Disease), Renal Dysfunction (kidney disease), peripheral neuropathy (weakness, numbness and pain from nerve damage), and respiratory disorders.

Drug-Drug Interactions Checker List:

  • Safety Advice

    • Safety Warning


      safe if prescribed

      No reported interaction with Nifty-SR Tablet 10's. But, It is best to avoid alcohol while taking medication.

    • Safety Warning



      Nifty-SR Tablet 10's can be safely taken by pregnant women if prescribed by the doctor. But do not take nitrofurantoin during labour and childbirth, as there's a chance that it can affect the baby's blood.

    • Safety Warning

      Breast Feeding


      Nifty-SR Tablet 10's is excreted in breast milk. Caution should be exercised, and it is advisable to consult a doctor before using it.

    • Safety Warning



      Nifty-SR Tablet 10's may cause dizziness and drowsiness, and the patient should not drive or operate machinery.

    • Safety Warning



      If you have or had a history or evidence of any liver-related diseases, please consult the doctor before taking medicine.

    • Safety Warning



      Nifty-SR Tablet 10's is contraindicated in patients with renal dysfunction and patients with an eGFR of less than 45 ml/minute. It is advisable to consult a doctor before using it.

    • Safety Warning


      safe if prescribed

      Nifty-SR Tablet 10's can be given to children but under child specialist medical supervision. Nifty-SR Tablet 10's is prescribed to the children to treat complicated urinary tract infections.

    Habit Forming


    Diet & Lifestyle Advise

    • It would be best to take probiotics after taking the full course of Nifty-SR Tablet 10's to restore some healthy bacteria in the intestine that may have been killed. Taking probiotics after antibiotic treatment can reduce the risk of antibiotic-associated diarrhoea. Certain fermented foods like yoghurt, cheese, sauerkraut and kimchi can help restore the intestine's good bacteria.
    • Include more fibre-enriched food in your diet, as it can be easily digested by gut bacteria which helps stimulate their growth. Thus fibre foods may help restore healthy gut bacteria after taking a course of antibiotics. Whole grains like whole-grain bread, and brown rice, should be included in your diet.
    • Avoid taking too much calcium enriched foods and drinks as it might affect the working of Nifty-SR Tablet 10's.
    • Avoid intake of alcoholic beverages with Nifty-SR Tablet 10's as it can make you dehydrated and affect your sleep. This can make it harder for your body to aid the Nifty-SR Tablet 10's in fighting off infections.

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    Patients Concern

    Disease/Condition Glossary

    Bacterial infection: A bacterial infection is a condition in which harmful bacteria enter, multiply, and infect our body. It can target any body part and multiple very quickly. When you get infected with bacteria, you can experience generalized symptoms like fevers, chills, and fatigue. Bacteria are of various forms comprising commonly spherical, rod, and spiral-shaped. Bacterial infections vary from minor illnesses like sore throat and ear infections to severe brain infections like meningitis and encephalitis. Few harmful bacteria that cause infections include Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, and E. coli. Anyone can become infected with a bacterial infection. But, people with weak immune systems or taking immunosuppressive medicine can make you more prone to bacterial infection.

    Urinary tract infection (UTI): UTI is the most common infection in humans caused by microbes and can occur in any part of the urinary tract, such as the bladder, urethra, kidneys or ureters. Most urinary tract infections involve the bladder and urethra in the lower tract. It mostly occurs in women than in men. The symptoms of lower tract (bladder, urethra) infection include increased urge to urinate, bloody urine, pain with urination or pelvic pain in women. The symptoms of upper tract (kidneys, ureters) infection include vomiting, nausea, fever or back pain.


    How does Nifty-SR Tablet 10's work?

    Nifty-SR Tablet 10's kills bacteria by entering their cells and destroying their genetic material. As a result, it is effective against bacterial infections.

    What is the difference between Nifty-SR Tablet 10's and penicillin?

    Nifty-SR Tablet 10's belongs to the class of penicillin antibiotic. Nifty-SR Tablet 10's is a broad-spectrum antibiotic effective against a wide range of bacteria. On the other hand, penicillin is a narrow-spectrum antibiotic effective against less number of bacteria.

    I am planning for pregnancy will it affect my baby?

    Clinical evidence suggests that Nifty-SR Tablet 10's is safe for pregnant mothers. However, you should consult a doctor before taking Nifty-SR Tablet 10's.

    If I start feeling well, can I skip the dose of Nifty-SR Tablet 10's?

    No. You should complete the full course of Nifty-SR Tablet 10's as prescribed by your doctor. After completing the full course of Nifty-SR Tablet 10's will work. It is important that you take Nifty-SR Tablet 10's at the right dose, right times and for the right numbers of days.

    Do Nifty-SR Tablet 10's also work in viral cough and cold?

    Nifty-SR Tablet 10's does not work against viral infection. So, treating common cold and cough should not be taken.

    Why exposure to sunlight is avoided while taking Nifty-SR Tablet 10's?

    Nifty-SR Tablet 10's makes your skin sensitive to sunlight, known as photosensitivity. So, prolonged exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet light should be avoided. In case of emergency, you should always wear sunscreen before going out.

    Can I take Nifty-SR Tablet 10's in more than recommended dose to recover from symptoms quickly?

    No, Nifty-SR Tablet 10's should be taken in the dose and duration as advised by the doctor. If you take it in more than the recommended dose, it might cause unpleasant side effects. If you think your symptoms are not improving, please consult your doctor.

    What precautions should I take in case of urinary tract infection?

    Stay hydrated by drinking at least six glasses of water or other fluids. Keep your underwear clean, and use underwear made of cotton to avoid spreading infection. Always keep your bladder empty as much as possible by peeing regularly. Your doctor may prescribe cranberry juice with antibiotics to treat urinary tract infections.


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