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Apollo Essentials Extra Absorb Baby Diaper Pants XXL, 58 Count




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The Apollo Essentials Extra Absorb Baby Diaper Pants is the perfect choice for ensuring your little one stays dry, comfortable, and happy throughout the day. These diaper pants are designed with an advanced absorbent core and a soft, woven, cotton outer layer, ensuring up to 12 hours of superior protection against wetness, rashes, and discomfort. The stretchable waistband and flexible design allow for unconstrained movement, ensuring your baby has his/her gala time playing without any restrictions or irritations. With double leak guards and a wetness indicator, these diaper pants offer maximum leakage protection and convenience for busy parents. These high-quality, safe, and comfortable diaper pants from the house of Apollo prioritise your baby's well-being.

Apollo Essentials Extra Absorb Baby Diaper Pants XXL, 58 Count Features:

  • Hypoallergenic property
  • Quick absorption
  • Soft and gentle to the skin
  • 360-degree stretch for easy movement
  • Breathable fabric for superior comfort
  • Advanced leakage protection
  • Wetness indicator
  • Alcohol-free

Key Benefits

  • Quick absorption: The super-absorbent gel core absorbs liquid fast to keep your baby dry, preventing skin rashes and discomfort.
  • Convenient to use: The XXL diapers for babies are designed for quick and hassle-free changes, with tear-away sides for easy removal.
  • Ease of movement: These baby diapers feature stretchable waistbands and flexible designs that allow your baby to move freely and comfortably.
  • Peace of mind: With the advanced leakage protection and the wetness indicator of baby diaper pants, every parent can confidently go about their day, knowing their baby is protected.
  • Superior quality: Apollo Essentials Extra Absorb Baby Diaper Pants XXL uses new-woven, dry and soft, high-quality cotton material that promises to be gentle on your baby's delicate skin, ensuring utmost comfort and safety.
  • Baby’s skin-safe: These diaper pants are alcohol-free and hypoallergenic, which means, your baby’s delicate skin will remain protected throughout.

Directions for Use

  • Carefully lay your baby on a clean, dry surface and gently slide the diaper pants under them.
  • Pull up the baby diaper pants and adjust the waistband for a snug fit.
  • Check the wetness indicator frequently and change the diaper pants as necessary.
  • To remove the diaper pants, simply tear the sides and roll up the used diaper pants.
  • Dispose of these baby diapers in a proper waste bin.

Safety Information

  • Change diapers immediately as indicated by the colour indicator. 
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets. 
  • Keep away from direct heat, sunlight and source of fire.
  • Always keep your child wearing diaper pants away from any source of flame.
  • If you notice your baby is feeling discomfort or irritation, check the diapers. In case of skin rashes, discontinue use and consult a paediatrician.


Question: How often should I change my baby's diapers?

Answer: You should change your baby's diaper every 2 to 3 hours, or whenever it becomes soiled or wet. Changing diapers in regular intervals reduces the chances of skin irritation and keeps your baby comfortable.

Question: What is the right time to change a diaper?

Answer: If you feel the diaper is feeling heavy, sagging down the baby's waist, releasing a strong odour or your baby is displaying signs of irritation, it's time to change the diaper.

Question: How to choose the right-sized diaper for my baby?

Answer: Baby diapers are chosen as per the baby's weight. It's important for parents to select baby diaper pants that fit snugly without being too tight or too loose. Refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for understanding the appropriate size range.

Question: How can I prevent diaper rash?

Answer: You can easily prevent diaper rash by ensuring that your baby's diaper area is always clean and dry before you put on a new diaper. To clean your baby, you can use Apollo baby wipes. After cleaning, you can apply diaper cream to create a protective barrier between the skin and moisture.

Question: Are cloth diapers better than disposable diapers?

Answer: It is a personal choice. Cloth diapers can be reusable and cost-effective but disposable diapers are convenient to use and are more absorbent.


'I am so impressed with these XXL diapers for babies from Apollo. They keep my baby dry and comfortable for hours and there are no more leakages. The wetness indicator is actually handy. I highly recommend these diaper pants for all new parents.'- Prakriti Sehgal, Consultant, 28

'Since I have started using these baby diapers, my baby stays comfy and rash-free. The absorbent core is excellent, and the stretchable waistband allows for easy movement. These diaper pants are a game-changer for us.'- Himanshu Singh, Media Professional, 31

'I couldn't be happier with Apollo's diaper pants. These diapers fit my baby perfectly, and the leak guards are quite ergonomically designed. Not to forget, the wetness indicator is a lifesaver. These diaper pants are a top-notch choice.'- Anuradha Jain, Teacher, 31



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