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Apollo Pharmacy Regular Sanitary Pads XL, 20 Count



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Experience comfort and confidence with Apollo Pharmacy Regular Sanitary Pads With Wings XL, 20 Count. These period pads are designed to provide ultimate comfort with a thin profile and wings for secure protection. The high-quality super absorbent polymer and non-woven cloth-feel top ensure efficient fluid absorption while keeping you dry and comfortable. With extended coverage and leak-free protection, these pads offer all-day comfort during your menstrual cycle. Trust Apollo Pharmacy for top-notch sanitary pads that prioritize your well-being. Embrace hassle-free periods with these thin and comfortable pads, designed to keep you fresh and confident throughout the day. Try Apollo Pharmacy Regular Sanitary Pads XL today.


Apollo Pharmacy Regular Sanitary Pads XL Features

  • Super Absorbent Polymer
  • Cloth-feel Top Layer
  • Wings for Extra Protection
  • Thin and Comfortable
  • Size: XL

Uses of Apollo Pharmacy Regular Sanitary Pads XL, 20 Count

Sanitary Pads

Key Benefits

  • All-Day Comfort: The thin and comfortable design of the period pads ensures you stay comfortable and at ease throughout your period.
  • Leak-Free Protection: The wings and super absorbent polymer provide reliable protection against leaks and stains.
  • Dry and Fresh Feel: The cloth-feel top layer of the sanitary pads keeps you feeling dry and fresh, enhancing your overall comfort.
  • Enhanced Absorption: The high-quality absorbent polymer rapidly absorbs fluid, reducing the chances of leakage and discomfort.
  • Extended Coverage: The XL size offers extended coverage, perfect for heavy flow days and overnight use.

Directions for Use

  • Remove the pad from individual packaging.
  • Peel off the adhesive backing and place it on your underwear.
  • Remove the adhesive paper from the wings.
  • Wrap the wings around both sides of the panty.
  • Press down on the pad and the wings firmly to secure.

Safety Information

  • Store in a cool, dry, and dark place.
  • Discontinue use if irritation occurs.
  • Do not flush the used pad in the toilet.
  • Wrap in paper after use and dispose of in the dustbin.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


Question: How often should I change my pad?

Answer: It is recommended to change your pad every 4-6 hours to maintain hygiene. This can help prevent infections.

Question: Can I use these pads overnight?

Answer: Yes, the XL size provides better coverage and protection. These are well-suited for overnight use.

Question: Are these pads comfortable to wear?

Answer: Yes, these pads have a thinner and more comfortable design and a cloth-feel top. These features make the pads very comfortable to wear all day long.

Question: Can I use these pads during workouts or physical activities?

Answer: Yes, these pads prevent leakage ensuring hygiene and cleanliness during periods. These are suitable for all physical activities.


'I used to dread my periods because of the discomfort and leakage issues, but ever since I started using Apollo Pharmacy Sanitary Pads, I feel much more comfortable and confident.' - Suma Gupta, 33, Banker

'The XL size period pads are perfect for overnight use and provide great protection throughout the night.' - Devika Menon, 21, Student

'I love how thin and comfortable these period pads are, it makes me forget that I am even wearing one!' - Radha Sharma, 42, Homemaker





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