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Beautywise Collagen All In One Protein Banana Caramel Powder, 200 gm

Beautywise Collagen All In One Protein Banana Caramel Powder, 200 gm



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Beautywise All In 1 collagen protein banana caramel powder is quite unique. This blend of collagen and plant protein packs more than just proteins; it also includes superfoods, antioxidants, multivitamins, and minerals. With a delicious banana caramel flavour, this product ships quickly and gets the nod from dermatologists. What makes the All In 1 collagen stand out are its numerous benefits. The beauty blend contributes to healthier hair, skin, and nails. It reduces pigmentation and wrinkles while also enhancing hydration and radiance. The muscle recovery blend supports muscle growth while preventing muscle loss.

Moreover, it relieves joint pain and promotes bone function and mobility. It ensures radiant skin by defending against free radicals. The active ingredients in this product improve skin elasticity and texture and promote oxygen supply to muscles to ease joint pain. Hence, it is a one-stop solution for both beauty needs and muscle growth.


  • Banana Caramel flavour
  • Approved by skin specialists
  • Packed with superfoods, antioxidants, multivitamins, and minerals
  • Includes a beauty blend for skin, hair, and nail health
  • Contains a muscle recovery blend
  • Supports joint health and defends skin from free radicals

Key Benefits

  • Improved skin, hair, and nails: This All In 1 collagen product contains a special beauty blend that aids in maintaining the health of your hair, skin, and nails. It reduces pigmentation and wrinkles while hydrating your skin to provide a glowing and radiant appearance.
  • Muscle maintenance and development: The muscle recovery blend present in this product helps in muscle recovery post-exercise and fosters growth whilst also providing protection against muscle loss.
  • Supports joint health: The All In 1 collagen offers relief from joint pain as well as supporting bone function and mobility, making it beneficial for those experiencing joint issues or looking to maintain good bone health.
  • Radiant and hydrated skin: This All In 1 collagen defends the skin against harmful free radicals, keeping it hydrated, glowing, and smooth.
  • Boost in general health: The All In 1 Collagen Protein contained in the product aids in supplying oxygen to active muscles, which helps ease joint pain and improve overall health.
  • Improved skin elasticity: The high-grade collagen and pea proteins, along with glucosamine and biotin ingredients in each scoop, work together to improve skin elasticity for more radiant skin.

Directions for Use

  • Measure one scoop of the All In 1 collagen protein.
  • Blend it with 100ml of milk or water.
  • It is recommended to consume this on an empty stomach.
  • You can have it in the morning, as an evening snack, or post-workout.



Safety Information

  • Always follow the directions of use.
  • If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your healthcare professional before using this product.


Q1. How soon can I expect results from taking All In 1 collagen?

Ans: Results can vary from person to person based on factors like age, lifestyle, and diet. However, some users report noticeable improvements in skin texture and joint health within a few weeks of regular consumption.

Q2. Can I mix All In 1 collagen with my regular smoothie or shake?

Ans: Absolutely! You can blend one scoop of All In 1 collagen with your favourite smoothie or shake for an added nutritional boost.

Q3. Is All In 1 collagen suitable for vegetarians?

Ans: Beautywise All In 1 collagen Powder is formulated to be generally beneficial for a wide range of individuals. Those with specific dietary restrictions or health conditions should consult a healthcare professional before incorporating it into their routine.

Q4. Is Beautywise All In 1 collagen suitable for individuals with gluten or lactose intolerance?

Ans: Yes, Beautywise All In 1 Collagen Powder is formulated to be free from gluten and lactose, making it suitable for individuals with gluten or lactose intolerance.

Q5. Is Beautywise All In 1 collagen powder suitable for long-term use?

Ans: All In 1 collagen powder is generally safe for long-term use when used as directed. However, individuals should monitor their health and consult with a healthcare professional if they experience any adverse effects or changes in their health status.


'Since I started using the All In 1 Collagen, my skin has never looked better. My hair and nails are also growing stronger and faster.' - Sanghvi Singh, Software Engineer, 28

'I've been using the All In 1 Collagen for a few months now. I can definitely see improvements in muscle recovery after my workouts.' - Karthik Srinivasan, Gym Trainer, 33

'I love the taste of this product! It's become my go-to post-workout snack. Plus, I've noticed a significant improvement in joint pain.' - Meena Kapoor, Housewife, 55

Key Ingredients

Marine Collagen Peptides, Pea Protein Isolate, Hibiscus Flower Extract, Aloevera Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Maltodextrin, Inulin, Banana Fruit Powder, Malic Acid.

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B-34 F/F Kh.185, Paryavaran Complex Saidulajab, South Delhi, Delhi, India, 110074
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