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Elovera Imf Cream 50 gm


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Elovera Imf Cream protects, nourishes, heals and repairs the skin. It is best suited for dry, scaly skin associated with psoriasis, including palmoplantar psoriasis (a chronic variant of psoriasis), atopic dermatitis, eczema, xeroderma (dry skin), and ichthyosis vulgaris (dry, thick, scaly skin).

Medicinal Benefits

  • Aloe vera enhances the moisture-retaining capacity of the skin and rehydrates the skin.
  • Vitamin E acetate protects the skin from dehydration and moisturises the skin.
  • Sodium gluconate has a moisturising effect.
  • Allantoin protects the skin against irritants. It keeps the skin smooth, soft and healthy.
  • Lightens the marks caused due to pollution, environmental factors, dirt and dust.

Directions for Use

Apply the cream to the affected area as required. Especially recommended for use after washing or bathing.

Side effects

Elovera Imf Cream is generally safe and does not cause any side effects if used as advised. However, if you notice any unusual symptoms, consult your doctor

Safety Information

  • Elovera Imf Cream is for external use only.
  • Close the cap properly after every use.
  • Discontinue use if signs of irritation or rash appear.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep it out of reach and sight of children.


Question: How does Elovera Imf Cream help?

Answer: Elovera Imf Cream protects, nourishes, heals and repairs the skin. It rehydrates and moisturises the skin.

Question: Is Elovera Imf Cream suitable for dry skin?

Answer: Elovera Imf Cream is best suited for dry and scaly skin. It moisturises and keeps the skin soft and supple.

Question: Does Elovera Imf Cream cause irritation?

Answer: Elovera Imf Cream is unlikely to cause any side effects. However, discontinue use and consult a physician if signs of irritation or rash appear.

Key Ingredients

Purified Water, Aloe extract, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Triglycerides, Medium Chain), Cetearyl Olivate (and) Sorbitan Olivate, Hydrogenated Olive Oil (and) Olive Oil (and) Olive Unsaponifiable, Light Liquid Paraffin, Glycerin (Glycerol), Stearic Acid, Cetostearyl Alcohol, Polyoxy ethylene 20 Cetyl Ether, Octyldodecanol, Glyceryl Monostearate, Sodium Lactate (and) Sodium Gluconate, Phenoxyethanol (and) Methylisothiazolinone, Vitamin E Acetate, Dimethicone, Allantoin, Triethanolamine, Carbomer Homopolymer Type C, Diethylhexyl Syringylidene Malonate (and) Caprylic/Capric, Triglyceride, Sodium Metabisulphite, Hyaluronic Acid (as Sodium Hyaluronate), Fragrance, Disodium Edetate and Quaternium 15.

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Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited, B/2, Mahalaxmi Chambers, 22, Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai – 400 026.


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