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Himalaya Liv.52 Syrup, 100 ml

Himalaya Liv.52 Syrup, 100 ml



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Himalaya Liv.52 Syrup is a powerful and natural solution for maintaining a healthy liver. With its unique formulation of chicory and the caper bush, this syrup exhibits potent hepatoprotective properties that help protect the liver against chemically induced damage. It not only restores the functional efficiency of the liver but also promotes hepatocellular regeneration.

Liv.52 Syrup is an ideal choice for individuals looking to support their liver health. Whether you are experiencing liver-related issues or simply want to maintain a healthy liver, this syrup can be your go-to solution. Its natural ingredients work synergistically to protect the hepatic parenchyma, ensuring optimal liver function.

With regular use of Himalaya Liv.52 Syrup, you can experience the benefits of improved liver health and overall well-being. Trust in this trusted herbal remedy to keep your liver functioning at its best.

Himalaya Liv.52 Syrup Features

  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Extensively researched product of Himalaya Wellness Company
  • Available in 100 ml and 200 ml quantity bottles

Key Benefits

  • Supports Liver Health: The natural ingredients in Liv.52 exhibit potent hepatoprotective properties, protecting the liver from chemically-induced toxicity and promoting its overall health and well-being.
  • Restores Liver Function: Liv.52 helps restore the functional efficiency of the liver by supporting its natural detoxification processes and maintaining optimal liver function.
  • Protects Hepatic Parenchyma: By safeguarding the hepatic parenchyma, Liv.52 prevents damage to the liver tissues and promotes their healthy functioning, ensuring the overall well-being of this vital organ.
  • Promotes Hepatocellular Regeneration: Liv.52 aids in the regeneration of hepatocytes, the main functional cells of the liver, which helps in repairing any damage and maintaining a healthy liver.
  • Safe Solution for Liver Support: Formulated with potent natural ingredients like chicory and the caper bush, Liv.52 offers a safe and reliable solution for liver support without harsh chemicals or side effects.
  • Trusted Brand: Himalaya is a trusted brand known for its high-quality herbal healthcare products, giving you confidence in the efficacy and safety of Liv.52 Syrup.

Directions for Use

  • Please consult your physician to determine the appropriate dosage that best suits your specific condition, ensuring personalized care.
  • Take the prescribed dosage of Himalaya Liv.52 Syrup as directed by your physician.
  • Do not take medicine if the expiry date has passed 
  • It can be taken with or without food, as your doctor recommends.
  • If you or someone else accidentally takes an excessive amount of Himalaya Liv 52, need immediate medical attention from your doctor or nearby hospital. Symptoms of an overdose are rashes, abdominal pain and vomiting.

Safety Information

  • Read the label carefully before use.
  • Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep it out of the reach of children.
  • Liv.52 Syrup is not known to have any side effects if taken as per the prescribed dosage.


Question: Can Himalaya Liv.52 Syrup be used by children?

Answer: It is always advised to consult a physician before administering any medication to children.

Question: Is there any specific time to take this syrup?

Answer: It is best to follow the dosage instructions provided by your physician.

Question: Can I take this syrup on an empty stomach?

Answer: There are no specific restrictions regarding taking the syrup on an empty stomach. However, it is advisable to follow your physician's instructions.

Question: Are there any known side effects of Himalaya Liv.52 Syrup?

Answer: Himalaya Liv.52 Syrup is generally safe for consumption when taken as directed. However, if you experience any adverse reactions, consult your physician immediately.

Question: Can this syrup be used as a preventive measure for liver health?

Answer: Himalaya Liv.52 Syrup is known for its hepatoprotective properties and may be used as a preventive measure under medical supervision.


'I have been using Himalaya Liv.52 Syrup for a few months now, and I have noticed a significant improvement in my liver function tests. Highly recommended!' - Shalini Reddy, Engineer, 42

'As a fitness enthusiast, maintaining my liver health is crucial. I trust Himalaya Liv.52 Syrup for its natural ingredients and effectiveness. Liv 52 Syrup price is very reasonable' - Rajesh Kumar, Yoga Instructor, 35

'After being diagnosed with a liver condition, my doctor recommended Himalaya Liv.52 Syrup. It has been instrumental in improving my liver health.' 

Key Ingredients

Chicory, The Caper Bush.

Country of origin


Manufacturer/Marketer address

The Himalaya Drug Company, Makali, Tumkur Road, Bangalore 562123.
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