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Horlicks Growth Plus Vanilla Flavour Nutrition Powder 400 gm Refill Pack | For Height Gain, Bone Growth, Healthy Weight Gain | Enhance Immune Function | Nutritional Drink For Kids

Horlicks Growth Plus Vanilla Flavour Nutrition Powder 400 gm Refill Pack | For Height Gain, Bone Growth, Healthy Weight Gain | Enhance Immune Function | Nutritional Drink For Kids

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Horlicks Growth Plus Vanilla Flavour Nutrition Drink Powder is an excellent nutrition source for children aged between 3 to 9 years. This drink mix has a delicious vanilla flavour, and it is also packed with a wealth of nutritional goodness. It boasts high-quality whey protein and essential amino acids, as well as valuable vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, and vitamin D, all crucial for a child's growth and development. Horlicks Growth Plus delivers a nutrient punch three times stronger than regular milk. It is a nutritional supplement that provides children with 100% of their daily requirements of protein, arginine, and various growth-promoting nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D. It is designed to support optimal bone health, muscle growth, and overall development.


  • Infused with high-quality protein
  • Contains growth promoters
  • For children aged between 3 to 9 years
  • Delivers 3 times more growth-boosting nutrients than regular milk
  • Pleasant vanilla flavour

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced growth: Offering three times more nutrients that support growth compared to ordinary milk, Horlicks Growth Plus ensures your child meets their nutritional needs for healthy physical progression.
  • Supports bone growth: Enriched with calcium and vitamin D, this nutritional drink aids in strengthening your child’s bones and teeth. This is crucial in their growing years for robust skeletal health. It also contains arginine which supports your child's growth by enhancing growth plate activation in your child's bones and helps them gain height.
  • Boosts immunity: The presence of various essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, C, D, Iron and Zinc fortifies the body's immune system. 
  • Healthy weight gain: Horlicks growth plus has a clinically proven formulation rich in critical nutrients to help in healthy weight gain without causing obesity. It also contains very little added sugar.

Directions for Use

  • Take 2 heaped scoops (25g) of Horlicks growth plus in a cup.
  • Add a small amount of lukewarm water or milk.
  • Stir until it forms a smooth paste.
  • Top up with hot or cold milk, stirring continuously to ensure no lumps are formed.
  • Your delicious Horlicks Growth Plus Vanilla Flavour Nutrition Drink is ready for your child to enjoy.

Safety Information

  • Always follow the recommended serving size.
  • Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years.


Q1. Who can use Horlicks Growth Plus?

Ans. Horlicks Growth Plus is intended for children aged between 3-9 years to support their growth and development.

Q2. How often should Horlicks Growth Plus be given to a child?

Ans. It's recommended that children consume Horlicks Growth Plus twice daily.

Q3. What is the flavour of this product?

Ans. This product has a tasty vanilla flavour.

Q4. Does this product contain any allergens?

Ans. Horlicks Growth Plus contains milk and soy; individuals allergic to these should avoid this product.

Q5. Is it necessary to mix it with milk only?

Ans. While it's usually mixed with milk for a creamy delicious drink, it can also be mixed with water if desired.


'Horlicks Growth Plus has made my son's snack time more nutritious. He really loves the vanilla flavour! Also, Horlicks Growth Plus price is so pocket friendly.' - Aprajita Vij, Homemaker, 32

'My daughter was a picky eater but she enjoys having Horlicks Growth Plus. I am relieved that she is getting the required nutrients for her growth.' - Varun Gupta, Software Engineer, 38

'I have seen a notable difference in my grandchild's energy levels since they started having Horlicks Growth Plus. A great product indeed!' - Rajni Mishra, Retired School Principal, 63

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Hindustan Unilever Ltd, Unilever House, B D Sawant Marg, Chakala Andheri East - 400099
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