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Itch Guard+ Cream, 12 gm

Itch Guard+ Cream, 12 gm



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Experience ultimate relief from itching and skin infections with Itch Guard+ cream. This powerful antifungal and anti-inflammatory formula is specifically designed to provide fast and effective relief.

With its unique blend of active ingredients, Itch Guard+ cream targets the root cause of fungal infections. Clotrimazole effectively treats and prevents fungal growth, while Menthol provides a soothing, cooling effect that instantly relieves itching and irritation.

Not only does Itch Guard+ cream alleviate symptoms, but it also works to reduce redness, inflammation, and irritation in the affected area. Its fast-absorbing formula ensures quick relief without leaving behind any greasy residue.

Don't let itching and skin infections disrupt your daily life. Trust Itch Guard+ cream to provide you with the relief you deserve. Get ready to experience the joy of comfortable, healthy skin again. Try this product today at an affordable Itch Guard price, and say goodbye to itching and irritation for good.


  • Antifungal and anti-inflammatory cream
  • Provides instant relief from excessive itching and inflammation caused by fungal infections
  • Reduces redness, inflammation, and irritation in the affected area
  • Contains cooling menthol
  • Kills fungus and stops further spread
  • Comes in a travel friendly tube

Uses of Itch Guard+ Cream, 12 gm

Fungal infections

Key Benefits

  • Fights Fungal Infections: The antifungal properties of Itch Guard+ cream help in treating and preventing fungal infections that can cause a jock itch or infection between the toes. Thus, it provides relief from itching and discomfort.
  • Soothes Irritation: The anti-inflammatory properties of Itch Guard+ cream help reduce redness, inflammation, and irritation in the affected area, providing immediate relief.
  • Cooling Effect: Menthol present in Itch Guard+ cream provides a cooling effect, instantly relieving itchiness and discomfort.
  • Fast-Acting Formula: Itch Guard+ cream starts working quickly to relieve itchiness and other symptoms associated with fungal infections, providing fast relief.
  • Long-Lasting Relief: Itch Guard+ cream provides long-lasting relief from itching and skin infections, helping you feel comfortable throughout the day.
  • Easy Application: Being a topical medication, Itch Guard+ cream can be easily applied to the affected area with its smooth texture, allowing for quick absorption and maximum effectiveness. Moreover, it can be used on any part of the body, including groins and underarms.

Directions for Use

  • Clean and dry the distressed area of the skin before applying Itch Guard cream.
  • Apply a thin layer of the Itch Guard cream over the affected area.
  • Gently massage until it is completely absorbed.
  • Use it 2-3 times a day or as directed by a doctor.
  • Continue using the cream for the prescribed duration even if symptoms improve.


Cool Menthol

Safety Information

  • For external use only.
  • Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, and other sensitive areas of the body.
  • Keep the cream out of reach of children and store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Discontinue use if any allergic reactions or skin irritations occur, and consult a doctor.


Q1. Can Itch Guard cream be used on all skin types?

  1. Yes, Itch Guard cream can be used on all skin types.

Q2. Can pregnant women use Itch Guard cream?

  1. Ideally, Itch Guard cream can be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women. However, it is best to consult a doctor first before using this cream.

Q3. Does Itch Guard cream have any side effects?

  1. Itch Guard Cream may cause some mild side effects like redness, burning sensation or allergies in rare cases. If these persist or worsen, discontinue use and consult a doctor.

Q4. Can Itch Guard cream be used for children?

  1. Itch Guard cream is primarily formulated for adults. Thus, it is important to consult a doctor before usage for kids and follow the recommended usage guidelines.

Q5. How long does it take for Itch Guard cream to show results?

  1. The time taken for Itch Guard cream to show results may vary depending on the individual and the severity of the condition. It is recommended to use the cream for the prescribed duration for optimum results.


'I have been using Itch Guard Cream for a few weeks now, and it has been really effective in relieving my itching and redness. With such sample benefits at an affordable Itch Guard price, I Highly recommend it!'- K. Harish, Accountant, 42

'Itch Guard Cream has been a lifesaver for me. It provided instant relief from itching caused by fungal infection. And it comes at a very low Itch Guard price!'- Meenal Yadav, Homemaker, 35

'I had been suffering from skin infections for a long time until I started using Itch Guard Cream. It has completely cleared up my skin, and I couldn't be happier.'- Mohan Sanghi, Businessman, 50

Key Ingredients

Benzyl Alcohol, Terbinafine Hydrochloride.

Country of origin


Manufacturer/Marketer address

Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd. 6Th & 7Th Floor, Tower C, Dlf Cyber Park, 405 B, Udyog Vihar Phase iii, Sector 20, Gurgaon 122016, Haryana.
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