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Kapiva BP Care Juice, 1 L



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Worried about hypertension and its impact on your cardiac health? Put your trust in the proven Ayurvedic herbs, known to regulate your blood pressure and maintain a healthy heart. Kapiva BP Care Juice is a proprietary Ayurvedic formulation made of 10 potent herbs. All these herbs are mixed and treated in a traditional process in a GMP-certified facility to ensure maximum nutrition and efficacy.

Uses of Kapiva BP Care Juice, 1 L

Controls blood pressure, Removes stress and restores energy.

Key Benefits

  • PROPRIETARY AYURVEDIC FORMULATION: BP Care Juice for hypertension is prepared by the experienced team of food scientists at Kapiva. It is a blend of 10 powerful herbs known to control blood pressure.
  • COMBINATION OF NATURAL HERBS: Different herbs in the BP Care Juice work together to regulate your blood pressure naturally. For instance, phytoconstituents in Arjuna are known to cause a fall in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Lasuna, Sarpagandha, and Jatamansi are effective to lower blood pressure and keep it within a healthy range. Additionally, Guggul helps in reducing bad cholesterol levels leading to better heart health.
  • GMP-CERTIFIED MANUFACTURING: The juice is made in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) - certified facilities that ensure the highest standards of quality. It has no added sugar or flavors and is safe to consume daily to manage blood pressure naturally.

Directions for Use

  • Shake the bottle before use. 
  • Dilute 30ml of BP Care Juice in a glass of water.
  • Consume on an empty stomach every morning.
  • Dosage can be varied as prescribed by your healthcare professional.

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Adret Retail Pvt Ltd. (Kapiva), Regd Office:1 Gupta Lane Lane, Kolkata-700006 (West Bengal), India

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1 Litre Juice in 1 Bottle