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Kapiva Dia Free Juice for Diabetes Care, 1 Litre



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Our Dia Free Juice is a traditional ayurvedic combination of karela, amla and jamun. All of these are used as a remedy to control blood sugar levels. They help in regulating carbohydrate metabolism which keeps the blood sugar levels in check. Regular consumption of this diabetes free juice leads to overall good health and proper functioning of the body.

Uses of Kapiva Dia Free Juice for Diabetes Care, 1 Litre

Controls blood sugar & Removes difficulty in urination.

Key Benefits

  • SCIENCE-BACKED 11 POTENT AYURVEDIC HERBS: Kapiva Dia Free Juice is a robust blend of 11 Ayurvedic herbs for diabetes care. We source each of the herbs from regions that are most ideal for their cultivation, in terms of climate and soil. We take the most nutritious parts, like the seeds of jamun and methi, and leaves of neem to juice them in the right proportions and obtain a herbal concoction for your wellness.
  • CONTROL BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS: Infused with 11 herbs, Kapiva Dia Free Juice optimizes the production of hormones. By breaking down glucose from foods you eat, regular consumption of this juice helps in maintaining optimal sugar levels. The Ayurvedic herbs identify the root cause for spikes in glucose levels and help in easing out symptoms like frequent urination, increased appetite, excessive thirst, and drastic weight loss.
  • LOWERS BAD CHOLESTEROL: Owing to their anti-inflammatory properties, the ayurvedic herbs present in this juice help reduce the bad cholesterol levels in the body which means a healthier heart! It is packed with various nutrients. The ayurvedic herbs present in this juice also give an effective boost to immune functions.
  • 100% NATURAL: Kapiva Dia Free juice does not contain any added sugar, artificial taste-enhancers, and chemicals. It is made in GMP-certified facilities. It is vegan and keto-friendly. We pack the most nutritious herb for you in this bottle to boost your health and wellness.

Directions for Use

  • Mix 30ml Dia Free Juice with 30ml of water and consume it twice a day for long-term health benefits and to help fight diabetes. Rest assured, you’ll be mesmerized by the natural taste and aroma of this juice as it is very close to that of actual herbs.

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Adret Retail Pvt Ltd. (Kapiva), Regd Office:1 Gupta Lane Lane, Kolkata-700006 (West Bengal), India

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1 Litre Juice in 1 Bottle