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Lifree Extra Absorb Adult Diaper Pants Medium, 10 Count

Lifree Extra Absorb Adult Diaper Pants Medium, 10 Count



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Experience comfort and confidence with the Lifree Extra Absorb Adult Diaper Pants. Designed with advanced features, these adult diapers provide superior protection and convenience for those in need.

With a powerful absorbing core and 6-glass absorption, Lifree Adult Diapers ensure maximum leakage protection, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the day or night.

The innovative design includes a new leg side wall that prevents any possibility of leakage, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to go about your daily activities without any worries. The breathable waistband provides added comfort, allowing for airflow and reducing the risk of skin irritation.

The Lifree Extra Absorb Adult Diaper Pants are easy to wear with their pull-up pants design, making them convenient for both the wearer and the caregiver. The stretchable waistband ensures a snug fit, while the smooth leg passage offers a comfortable experience.

Lifree Extra Absorb Adult Diaper Pants Features

  • 6-Glass Absorption
  • Easy self-wear
  • Leg side wall to prevent leakage
  • Breathable and stretchable waistband
  • Smooth leg passage
  • Powerful absorbing core

Uses of Lifree Extra Absorb Adult Diaper Pants Medium, 10 Count

Adult Diapers

Key Benefits

  • Advanced Absorbency for Ultimate Protection: These adult diapers offer an impressive 6-glass absorption capacity, translating to an exceptionally high level of protection against leaks and wetness. This robust absorbency ensures that users can go about their day with confidence and comfort, knowing they are well-protected.
  • Effortless Convenience in Design: The self-wear design of these diapers streamlines the process of putting them on and taking them off. This user-friendly feature enhances overall convenience, especially for those who may require assistance.
  • Leakage Prevention Reinforced: An innovative inclusion, the new leg side wall feature, adds an extra layer of leak prevention. This enhancement ensures that any possibility of leakage is effectively minimised, assuring users of a consistently dry and comfortable experience.
  • Uninterrupted Comfort with Breathability: The inclusion of a breathable waistband in these diapers allows for efficient air circulation, effectively reducing the likelihood of skin irritation or discomfort that can arise from prolonged moisture exposure.
  • Snug Fit for Confidence: The stretchable waistband in these diapers is purposefully designed to provide a secure and snug fit. This fit prevents any undesirable sagging or slipping, enabling users to move freely without concerns about potential leaks or discomfort
  • Swift Moisture Management for Skin Wellness: Equipped with a powerful absorbing core, these diapers excel in rapidly locking away moisture. This not only keeps users dry but also significantly reduces the risk of skin irritation or discomfort that can arise from prolonged exposure to moisture.

Directions for Use

  • Pull up the Lifree adult diaper pants.
  • Adjust the waistband to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Make sure the leg side wall is in place to prevent any leakage.
  • Dispose of the soiled diaper in a dustbin. Do not flush it, as it may cause drain clogging.
  • Store the Lifree adult diapers in a hygienic, cool, and dry place.
  • Discontinue use if any irritation occurs.


Absorb Pants

Safety Information

  • Wrap the soiled diaper and discard it in a dustbin to maintain hygiene.
  • Avoid flushing the diaper to prevent drain clogging.
  • Store the product in a cool and dry place for optimal freshness.
  • Stop using the diaper if any skin irritation occurs.


Question: Can I flush the Lifree adult diapers?

Answer: No, you should not flush the diapers as it may lead to clogging of drains. Dispose of them in a proper waste bin.

Question: How should I dispose of the soiled diaper?

Answer: Wrap the soiled diaper and dispose of it in a dustbin designated for waste disposal.

Question: Are these diapers suitable for individuals with sensitive skin?

Answer: Yes, these diapers are suitable for individuals with sensitive skin, but if any irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.

Question: Can I use Lifree adult diapers during the night?

Answer: Yes, Lifree adult diapers are suitable for overnight use and provide powerful absorption for uninterrupted sleep.

Question: Can I wear these diapers for an extended period?

Answer: Yes, these Lifree adult diapers are designed for extended use, providing comfort and absorption for a long period.


'The Lifree adult diapers have been a blessing for my grandmother. She feels comfortable wearing them all day long without worrying about leakage.'- Meena Sehgal, Homemaker, 62

'As a busy professional, I needed adult diapers that provide reliable protection without discomfort. Lifree adult diapers have exceeded my expectations.'- Promesh Talwar, IT Consultant, 45

'I highly recommend the Lifree adult diapers for anyone seeking a comfortable and discreet solution for managing incontinence. They have made a significant difference in my daily life.'-Shalini Prabhu, Bank Manager, 55



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Unicharm India Pvt. Ltd, Unicharm India Pvt. Ltd, 5th floor, Centrum Plaza Building, Golf Course road, Sector 53, Gurgaon, Haryana-122001
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