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OneTouch Delica Plus Lancets, 25 Count

OneTouch Delica Plus Lancets, 25 Count



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When it comes to managing diabetes with daily glucose testing, One Touch Delica Plus Lancets step in to make the process easier. These lancets are designed specifically to provide a more comfortable blood sampling experience. Their ultra-thin design and fine gauge help minimise any discomfort that can often come with such procedures. The precision they offer is noteworthy, adding to the ease of use for individuals. These One Touch Delica Lancets are compatible with most lancing devices in the market, adding an element of convenience and versatility. To top it all off, these lancets deliver reliable results, which is crucial when monitoring blood glucose levels. They are an ideal choice for those seeking virtually pain-free blood sampling. So, the Lancet Device One Touch might be a suitable addition to your kit for a more manageable glucose testing routine.


  • Compatibility with the majority of lancing devices
  • Pack of 25 sterile lancets
  • Recommended by diabetologists
  • Silicone coated for precision
  • 13 depth settings
  • Reliable and consistent results

Uses of OneTouch Delica Plus Lancets, 25 Count

Sugar Test Lancets

Key Benefits

  • Effortless daily glucose monitoring:One Touch Delica Lancets are designed to simplify your daily glucose monitoring routine. Their compatibility with most lancing devices offers the convenience of using the lancets with your preferred Lancet Device One Touch.
  • Minimised discomfort during use: The One Touch Delica Plus Lancets come with a finely gauged needle constructed to cause minimal discomfort during blood sampling. This makes them ideal for individuals who need regular blood glucose testing.
  • Precision in every prick: The ultra-thin design of the OneTouch Delica Plus Lancets ensures precision while taking blood samples. This design feature caters to the need for accuracy while providing a pain-free experience.
  • Convenience in blood sampling: The ease of use provided by One Touch Delica Plus Lancets makes blood sampling less daunting and more manageable. Their compatibility with various lancing devices means you can use them wherever you are, giving you control over your health management.
  • Ease in managing diabetes: Regular blood sugar testing becomes more manageable with One Touch Delica Plus Lancets. Their precision and user-friendly design make them an essential tool in diabetes management, helping you live a healthier and worry-free life.

Directions for Use

  • Firstly, ensure hands and the equipment are thoroughly clean.
  • Prepare the Lancet Device One Touch by inserting a new One Touch Delica Plus Lancet into the holder.
  • Adjust the depth setting on your lancing device to match your skin type.
  • Place the lancing device against your fingertip or an alternative test site.
  • Press the button to release the lancet.

Safety Information

  • Do not reuse lancets as it may cause infection.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Dispose of used lancets in a suitable sharps container to prevent injury or transmission of diseases.
  • Do not use it if the seal is broken or appears tampered with.


Q1. Can I use One Touch Delica Plus Lancets with other lancing devices?

Ans. The One Touch Delica Lancets are compatible with most lancing devices, ensuring convenience and versatility for users.

Q2. How many times can I use one lancet?

Ans. Using a new lancet every time you test is recommended. Reusing a lancet can dull the point and cause unnecessary discomfort.

Q3. Does the thin design of the lancets impact their effectiveness?

Ans. No, despite being ultra-thin, these lancets ensure precision and deliver reliable results from blood samples.

Q4. Is it painful to use the One Touch Delica Plus Lancets?

Ans. The One Touch Delica Plus Lancets are designed to provide virtually pain-free blood sampling thanks to their fine gauge and ultra-thin design.

Q5. Are these lancets suitable for people with all types of diabetes?

Ans. Yes, these lancets are suitable for all individuals needing to monitor their blood glucose levels. However, you should consult your healthcare professional before changing your diabetes management plan.


'The Lancet Device One Touch has been a game changer for me. The One Touch Delica Plus Lancets make testing virtually pain-free.' - Ravindra Patel, Software Engineer, 42

'I find the One Touch Delica Lancets very easy to use, and they provide consistent results. Highly recommended for anyone managing diabetes.'- Meena Nair, Retired School Teacher, 68

'With regular testing, I was worried about the discomfort. But the ultra-thin design of the One Touch Delica Plus Lancets has made it so much easier for me.'- Srinivas Reddy, Pharmacist, 36

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Lifescan Medical Devices India Pvt. Ltd, H .No.476, Warehouse #4, Bgr Reality Logistics- Industrial Park, Village Vahuli, Taluka Bhiwandi, Nh-3 Mumbai Nasik Highway, District-Thane, Mahrashtra.
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