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Plush 100% Pure US Cotton Daily Panty Liners, 20 Count

Plush 100% Pure US Cotton Daily Panty Liners, 20 Count



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Feminine hygiene has a new ally in the form of Plush daily panty liners. At 150 mm, these liners offer comfort and protection, helping to maintain freshness throughout the day. The key standout feature is their super softness; they're made from 100% US cotton, ensuring they are gentle on the skin. Their ultra-thin design - just 1 mm - gives you a barely-there feel, while still providing protection. These liners are free from chlorine, making them an eco-friendly choice. For those with sensitive skin, no added fragrances or colours ensure a natural experience, and they're also free from parabens. The curvy hugging design ensures a perfect fit for utmost comfort. Finally, high-quality materials are used to prevent any irritation, offering a rash-free experience.


  • Manufactured from 100% US cotton
  • Comes in a 150 mm length
  • Free from paraben, phthalate, chlorine, artificial dyes and fragrances
  • Each pack contains 20 liners
  • Dermatologist and gynaecologist approved

Key Benefits

  • Unparalleled Comfort: The Plush daily panty liners are crafted from 100% pure US cotton, offering superior softness and comfort. This high-quality material gently caresses your skin, ensuring a comfortable and soothing experience throughout the day.
  • Ultra-Thin Feel: With an ultra-thin design of just 1 mm, these liners provide a barely-there feel, allowing you to go about your day with utmost confidence.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Being chlorine-free, these panty liners not only ensure safety for your skin but also pose minimal impact on the environment, making them a responsible choice for eco-conscious users.
  • Ideal for Sensitive Skin: The absence of added fragrances and colours makes these liners a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin. This ensures you enjoy a natural experience without worrying about potential skin reactions.
  • Curve-hugging design: The unique curvaceous design of the Plush daily panty liners moulds perfectly to your body contours. This provides maximum comfort, allowing you to move freely without discomfort or the fear of shifting.
  • Rash-Free Assurance: Made with top-notch materials, these liners guarantee prevention from irritation or rashes. Feel safe knowing that your liner is working with your body's needs rather than against them.

Directions for Use

  • Before wearing the panty liner, ensure to clean your intimate area thoroughly.
  • Unwrap the Plush daily panty liner from its packaging.
  • Gently place the liner on your undergarment with the adhesive side facing down.
  • Adjust it to fit comfortably and press down to secure it onto your underwear.
  • Replace it as necessary, usually every 4-5 hours.

Safety Information

  • Plush daily panty liners are designed for everyday use and should not cause any discomfort or irritation.
  • However, if you experience any unusual symptoms such as itching or rash, stop using them immediately and consult a healthcare professional.


Q1. How often should I change the Plush daily panty liners?

Ans: It is recommended to change your panty liner every 4 to 5 hours. However, it may vary according to your personal needs.

Q2. Can I use the Plush daily panty liners during my period?

Ans: No, these liners are designed to absorb light discharge and may not be suitable for menstrual flow.

Q3. Can I wear Plush daily panty liners at night?

Ans: Absolutely! The liners have an ultra-thin design and a curvy hugging fit that makes them ideal for round-the-clock wear.

Q4. Are the Plush daily panty liners suitable for sensitive skin?

Ans: Yes, Plush daily panty liners are made from 100% US cotton and are free from chlorine, fragrances and colours, which makes them ideal for sensitive skin.

Q5. Are these liners cruelty-free and vegan?

Ans: Yes, the Plush daily panty liners are cruelty-free and vegan.


'I've been using Plush daily panty liners for quite some time now and I must say they are very comfortable and gentle on my skin. I've never felt so fresh and confident.'- Geeta Nair, Software Engineer, 32

'Plush daily panty liners are definitely a game-changer. The thin design gives a barely-there feel, which is fantastic. Plus, they're so soft and comfortable, I hardly realise I'm wearing one.'- Lakshmi Reddy, Homemaker, 45

'I love that these panty liners are chlorine-free and do not have any added fragrances or colours. It's great to see a brand that cares about both our health and the environment.'- Manpreet Kaur, University Lecturer, 37

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