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Let your lungs do healthy and efficient exercising with Romsons Respirometer SH-6082. It has a tri-ball setup that enables patients to perform breathing exercises on a step-up basis. Its light design is easy to handle and comes with a transparent body so you can keep checking your respiration performance. Now bring home this innovative breathing and lung apparatus and get started with your efficient breathing exercises.

Key Benefits

  • Has 3 separate chambers with a tri-ball design that enables easy step-up basis exercising.
  • An innovative design that allows disassembling for easy cleaning and disinfection.
  • The transparent body with 3 different colored spheres ensures easy tracking of your breathing performance.
  • Allows deep and prolonged inspiration.
  • Comes with a unique mouthpiece with an inbuilt filter.
  • Ideal for performing lungs and breathing exercises.

Directions for Use

  • Place the connecting tube with the mouthpiece at mouth level.
  • Exhale normally before initiating the exercise.
  • Now inhale thoroughly so that all the 3 spheres rise to the highest level (if possible).
  • Hold the inspiration for some time and exhale.
  • Repeat the process.

Safety Information

  • Read the instructions carefully before use.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.

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Romsons Scientific & Surgical Pvt. Ltd., 63 Industrial Estate, Nunhai, Agra-282006, Uttar Pradesh, India.

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