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Strepsils Ginger & Lemon Medicated Lozenges for Sore Throat, 8 Count

Strepsils Ginger & Lemon Medicated Lozenges for Sore Throat, 8 Count



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Strepsils Ginger & Lemon Medicated Lozenges help in fast and effective relief from sore throat symptoms. These specially formulated lozenges are designed to soothe throat irritation and provide a refreshing sensation.

Each lozenge is infused with a unique combination of active ingredients that work together to reduce inflammation in the throat and temporarily relieve sore throat discomfort.

These medicated lozenges offer a pleasant taste while providing powerful relief with a delightful ginger and lemon flavour. No matter what kind of throat irritation you're dealing with, use Strepsils for tonsillitis, sore throat, cold or cough.


  • Contains active ingredients that provide long-lasting relief
  • Specially designed lozenges
  • Soothes throat irritation
  • Quick action - under 5 minutes
  • Refreshing ginger and lemon flavour

Uses of Strepsils Ginger & Lemon Medicated Lozenges for Sore Throat, 8 Count

Sore throat relief

Key Benefits

  • Relief from Sore Throat and Cough Symptoms: The combination of active ingredients in Strepsils Lozenges helps to reduce inflammation in the throat, providing temporary relief from sore throat and cough symptoms.
  • Convenient and Easy to Use: Strepsils Lozenges can be dissolved slowly in the mouth, making them convenient to use whenever needed. They are suitable for adults and children above six years old.
  • Refreshing Ginger and Lemon Flavour: The ginger and lemon flavour of Strepsils Lozenges not only provides a refreshing taste but also helps to provide a cooling sensation in the throat, further soothing discomfort.
  • Trusted Brand: Strepsils is a well-known and trusted brand when it comes to providing relief from sore throat symptoms. With their expertise in medicinal lozenges, you can trust Strepsils for tonsillitis, sore throat and similar symptoms effectively.
  • Suitable for On-The-Go Use: Strepsils Medicine Lozenges are wrapped in convenient packaging, making them easy to carry in your bag or pocket. You can have them readily available whenever you need quick relief from sore throat symptoms.

Directions for Use

  • Dissolve one Strepsils Ginger Lemon lozenge slowly in the mouth every 2 to 3 hours, as needed.
  • Do not consume more than 12 within 24 hours.
  • Read the label and follow the instructions provided.



Safety Information

  • Strepsils Ginger Lemon Lozenges are generally safe when used as directed.
  • Allergic reactions to the active ingredients may occur in some individuals.
  • Discontinue use and seek medical attention immediately if you experience any allergic reactions, such as skin rash, swelling, or breathing difficulties.
  • Consult a doctor before using this product if you have any underlying medical conditions, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Store in a cool and dry place.


Q1. Can I use Strepsils Ginger Lemon lozenges for tonsillitis?

  1. This product can help temporarily relieve sore throat symptoms associated with tonsillitis. However, it is recommended to consult a doctor for proper diagnosis and advice when consuming these lozenges for tonsillitis.

Q2. How long can I use Strepsils Medicine lozenges?

  1. You can use Strepsils Ginger Lemon lozenges as needed for relief from sore throat symptoms. However, do not consume more than 12 lozenges under 24 hours and consult a doctor if it persists.

Q3. Can children below six years old use Strepsils Ginger Lemon lozenges?

  1. Strepsils Ginger Lemon lozenges are not recommended for children below six years old. Please refer to the packaging or consult a paediatrician for suitable options for children.

Q4. Can I take Strepsils Ginger Lemon lozenges if I am on other medications?

  1. It is always advisable to consult a doctor if you are on other medications before using Strepsils Ginger Lemon lozenges to ensure there are no potential interactions.

Q5. Are Strepsils Medicine lozenges suitable for vegetarians?

  1. Yes, Strepsils Ginger Lemon lozenges are suitable for vegetarians.


'I've been using Strepsils Medicine lozenges for tonsillitis symptoms and sore throat, and they provide quick relief. I highly recommend this.'- Rashmi Wagh, Engineer, 42 years old.

'As a singer, I often struggle with throat irritation. I used Strepsils for tonsillitis last month, and now they have become my go-to remedy!'- Parth Pandey, Singer, 29 years old.

'Strepsils Ginger Lemon lozenges have been a lifesaver for me during the cold season. They ease my throat discomfort and taste great, too!'- Ashlesha Deshpande, Homemaker, 35 years old.

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