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Whisper Bindazzz Nights Period Panty Medium-Large, 6 Count

Whisper Bindazzz Nights Period Panty Medium-Large, 6 Count



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Whisper Bindazzz Nights Period Panty gives 360-degree leakage protection for your heavy flow nights. It provides full back coverage and prevents staining your clothes and bedsheets, thus offering a worry-free sleep on your heavy flow nights. The panty-like fit lets your sleep in any position without worrying about leakage. Whisper Bindazzz Nights Period Panties have airy-soft fabric and are very soft and comfortable, thus preventing any rash or irritation. These panties have a flexible waistband that offers a snug fit. These disposable panties come in size Medium to Large (60-100cm waist).

Key Benefits

  • Whisper Bindazzz Nights Period Panties offer 360-degree leakage protection for nights with heavy blood flow, allowing you to sleep peacefully.
  • These panties provide full back coverage, so you do not need to worry about side leakage and sleep in any position you wish to.
  • The period panty provides better absorption than conventional sanitary napkins, so you do not need to rush to change it during your heavy blood flow.
  • The panties are made with breathable, soft fabric for comfortable wear without worrying about rashes and itching.
  • The panty has a flexible waistband that provides a snug panty-like fit and is very comfortable while sleeping. 
  • With Whisper Bindazzz Nights Period Panties, you can sleep snugly without being tensed or staining your clothes and sheets on heavy-flow nights.

Directions for Use

  • Look for the front of the panty
  • Wear it like a normal panty; you do not need to wear your regular panty after this.
  • For removing, either take it off directly or open any of the easy-to-tear sides. Discard it in the disposable bag.

Safety Information

  • Do not flush the panty; always discard it in a disposable bag.
  • Keep out of children and pets.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • These panties are intended for single-use; do not reuse them.


Question: Can I wearWhisper Bindazzz Nights Period Panty during the day?

Answer: You can wearWhisper Bindazzz Nights Period Panty during the day. They work well with your daily activities like travelling, working in office, and even during workouts.

Question: Are these period panties leak-proof?

Answer: Whisper Bindazzz Nights Period Panties are completely leak-proof since they provide 360° leakage protection and prevent side leaks. They are the perfect solution for heavy flow days.

Question: How often should I change the period panty?

Answer: Whisper Bindazzz Nights Period Panty provides long-lasting protection; however, you can change it whenever you want or feel uncomfortable with the flow.

Question: Do I need to wear my regular underwear after putting on the period panty?

Answer: It is not necessary to wear your regular underwear after wearing a period panty since it provides a comfortable panty-like fit.

Question: Can I reuse the period panty?

Answer: You cannot reuse period panties since they are single-use and disposable.

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Procter & Gamble, India P&G Plaza, Cardinal Gracias Road, Chakala, Andheri (E), Mumbai - 400099.
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