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Aqualens Comfort Solution, 120 ml


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Aqualens Comfort Solution, 60 ml


Aqualens is a well-known brand in the healthcare industry that creates innovative eye care products. The brand has been providing high-quality solutions for various eye conditions for years, and it has helped people all over the world maintain their ocular health. Aqualens' commitment to excellence is reflected in its products, which are formulated using the latest technology and scientific research. The brand is dedicated to providing its customers with top-quality eye care products that are both safe and effective. Aqualens takes pride in delivering its customers a range of reliable products that cater to all your eye care needs. 

Aqualens Products

Aqualens is a globally recognised brand that offers a wide range of contact lens products. Aqualens Comfort Solution in 60 ml and 120 ml is one of the most preferred products among contact lens users worldwide. It is specially designed to provide comfort and moisture to the eyes, preventing irritation or dryness. The solution contains high-quality ingredients that help maintain the pH balance of the eyes and prevent discomfort caused by harmful chemicals. It also helps to keep lenses clean, disinfected, and lubricated throughout the day, reducing the risk of infections. It also helps to remove protein buildup from contact lenses, ensuring clear vision. Aqualens products are reliable and effective, making them a popular choice among contact lens users worldwide.

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Frequently asked questions

Aqualens Comfort Solution can be used as often as required throughout the day to provide relief from dryness, irritation, and other common eye problems. Please refer to the instructions on the product for more details.

 Yes, Aqualens Comfort Solution is compatible with most soft contact lenses.

 Replace your Aqualens Comfort Solution bottle every 30 days once opened.

Yes, Aqualens Comfort Solution is designed to reduce discomfort and irritation caused by contact lenses, making it suitable for people with sensitive eyes.

No, Aqualens Comfort Solution is designed for contact lenses only. Use a specific cleaning solution for your contact lens case to avoid contamination or infection.