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BD Discardit II Syringes 23G 2 ml with Needle 1's


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B D Syringes 3ml Luerlock


Buy BD Products Online in India

Bd is a trusted brand that has been manufacturing healthcare products for over a century. Founded in 1897, it has been a pioneer in developing medical devices and diagnostic systems to enhance patient care. The brand has become renowned for its quality and innovation and has won the trust of healthcare professionals worldwide. Bd has an extensive product portfolio comprising medical devices, laboratory equipment, and diagnostic systems to cater to various medical needs. Its products are designed to promote safe and effective patient care while ensuring the comfort of healthcare providers. The brand is committed to improving healthcare outcomes through the continuous development of innovative products based on scientific research.

Bd Products

BD is a leading medical technology company trusted worldwide for its diverse range of high-quality devices and tools that advance healthcare delivery across settings. For diabetes care, BD offers insulin delivery solutions like pen needles, syringes, and lancing devices. Popular options include the comfortable BD Ultra-Fine pen needles and easy-to-use BD insulin syringes with ultra-fine needles. BD provides a comprehensive range of injection and infusion devices for administering medications and fluids. This includes hypodermic needles and syringes, IV catheters, infusion sets, and safety needles. For specimen collection, BD offers blood collection tubes, urine collection products, and tools for safe sample transport and sterile transfer. BD's diagnostic systems enable clinical lab analysis in microbiology, molecular biology, cell analysis and more. Reagents, assay kits, and workflow automation solutions are also available. For infection control, BD provides surgical drapes, gowns, disinfecting port protectors, and other products to reduce healthcare-associated infections. BD also manufactures specialised medical tools like sutures, scalpels, forceps, cautery products, and surgical blades. With its rigorous quality standards and focus on safety, BD produces medical supplies and devices that set the standard for performance and excellence across healthcare settings.

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Frequently asked questions

Bd Ultra-Fine III Pen Needles 4MM 32G are thinner and shorter than regular pen needles, making them much more comfortable for patients while ensuring a safe and accurate insulin injection.

Yes, Bd Insulin Syringes with Bd Ultra-Fine Needle can be used for both short-and long-acting insulin injections as they are available in various needle sizes, including 6mm and 8mm.

Before using Bd Discarditii Syringes 2ml, ensure that you dispose of any air bubbles by holding the syringe needle-side-up and tapping it gently until the bubbles rise to the top. If there are any air bubbles left in the syringe, they may cause an inaccurate measurement of medication.

Yes, you can use Bd Alcohol Swabs to disinfect your skin before getting an injection. It is essential to clean the injection site thoroughly with an alcohol swab to prevent infections.

The Tuberculin Bd 1ml syringe has a shelf life of five years from the date of manufacture.