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Comfeel Plus Dressing 10 cm x 10 cm, 1 Count


Buy Comfeel Plus Products Online in India

Comfeel Plus is a trusted brand that has been producing specialised healthcare products for years. Their emphasis on high-quality and innovative products has made them a respected name in the industry. Comfeel Plus is known for providing a wide range of healthcare products that cater to the medical needs of various patients. The brand is committed to providing efficient solutions to its customers and prides itself on its commitment to excellence. They strive to ensure their products are manufactured using the latest technology for quick and effective healing.

Comfeel Plus Products

Comfeel Plus is known for its comprehensive range of healthcare products that cater to different needs. The Comfeel Plus product range includes dressings, adhesive pads, adhesive removers, protective films, moisturising creams, barrier creams and lotions, protective sprays and ointments, skin protectants, cleansing foams and wipes, barrier sprays, transparent films and much more. These products are designed to cater to various ailments, including wounds, rashes, skin infections, blisters, and burns.

Comfeel Plus dressings are specially designed to provide an optimal healing environment with their hydro polymer technology. They are available in different forms and sizes, including transparent films and adhesive pads. Their barrier creams and lotions help to protect the skin from further breakdown by creating a protective layer. The cleansing foam and wipes are gentle on the skin but effective in removing dirt and bacteria.

Attractive Offers on Comfeel Plus Products

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Frequently asked questions

Comfeel Plus Dressing is a medical product designed for wound care. It is a sterile adhesive dressing that provides an optimal wound-healing environment.

Comfeel Plus dressings use advanced hydropolymer technology, creating an optimal healing environment. They are highly absorbent and conform well to the wound bed, reducing the risk of leakage.

Comfeel Plus transparent film provides an excellent barrier against water, dirt, and bacteria. It is also breathable, allowing air to circulate to the wound site and promote healing.

Comfeel Plus dressings are specially designed using advanced technology to provide optimal healing conditions for different types of wounds. They offer a moist environment that enhances healing by promoting cell growth and migration.

Comfeel Plus transparent film is made of breathable polyurethane material that allows the wound to breathe while protecting it from external factors. It is easy to apply and transparent, enabling healthcare professionals to monitor the wound without removing the dressing.