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COVIFIND Covid-19 Antigen Self Test Kit, 1 Count


Covifind is a well-established brand known for standardised diagnostic products for Covid-19 that are designed to keep people safe and healthy during the pandemic. With a strong emphasis on quality, Covifind ensures that all its products are made with the best materials and adhere to strict safety standards. The brand is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that help people stay protected from the virus. Covifind has made significant contributions to the healthcare sector and earned a name for itself as a trusted provider of Covid-19-related products that are reliable, accurate and easy to use. Its reputation continues to grow.  

Covifind Products

Covifind products are among the best in the market when it comes to Covid-19 testing kits. The brand offers testing kits on Apollo 24|7. The Covifind Covid-19 Antigen Self Test Kit is a rapid test kit that provides accurate results in just 15 minutes, making it an ideal choice for those who want quick and accurate test results. The kit contains all the necessary components including a sterile swab for sample collection, a testing card, a buffer solution and instructions for use. It is easy to use and does not require any special training. Individuals can test themselves at home without having to go to a healthcare facility.

Attractive Offers on Covifind Products

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Covifind products are suitable for use by healthcare professionals and individuals alike. They have been extensively tested and validated to ensure that they provide accurate results.

Yes, the COVIFIND Covid-19 Antigen Self-Test Kit is designed for home use. It is a self-testing kit that individuals can use to test themselves without having to go to a healthcare facility. They come with clear instructions for use, making them easy to use even for those without any medical training.

Yes, all Covifind products are made with high-quality materials and adhere to strict safety standards. The brand is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that help people stay protected from Covid-19.

No, Covifind Testing Kits are exclusively available on Apollo 24|7. The brand ensures that all its products are sold through trusted and reliable platforms.

All Covifind testing kits come with detailed instructions on how to use them. However, if you have trouble using a kit, you can contact Apollo 24|7's customer service team who will be happy to assist you with any issues you may have.