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Buy Pepmelt Products in India

Pepmelt is a trusted brand that produces antacid powders for various flavours. They are among the leading brands on the Apollo 24|7 website, catering to customers who require quick relief from acidity and heartburn. Pepmelt products have been carefully crafted for maximum effectiveness and ease of use, providing users with fast and long-lasting relief. The brand has established a reputation for producing reliable and affordable products that are well-regarded in the healthcare sector.

Pepmelt Products

Pepmelt offers two different antacid powders, namely Pepmelt Antacid Orange Flavour Powder and Pepmelt Antacid Lemon Flavour Powder. These products are expertly formulated to provide quick relief from acidity and heartburn, creating a soothing effect in the oesophagus and stomach. The antacids work by neutralizing stomach acid levels, reducing irritation, and preventing further damage to the stomach lining. Both products come in easy-to-use sachets which can be mixed with water to create a refreshing drink.

Attractive Offers on Pepmelt Products

If you are looking for attractive offers on Pepmelt products, then look no further than Apollo 24|7. You can download the Apollo 24|7 app to your smartphone or tablet device to stay up-to-date with daily offers and special deals on antacid powders. The platform offers a range of coupon codes and cashback options on Pepmelt products, allowing you to purchase these premium-quality antacids at discounted prices. With exciting deals available every day, you can take advantage of attractive offers on Pepmelt products and save money while keeping your digestive system healthy.

Frequently asked questions

Both products work similarly to neutralize stomach acid levels and provide quick relief from acidity and heartburn. The only difference is the flavor, with one being orange flavored and the other lemon flavored.

Pepmelt products can be used as often as needed to provide relief from acidity and heartburn. However, it is recommended to follow the instructions on the package and consult a physician if symptoms persist.

Pepmelt products are safe for children above 12 years of age. However, it is recommended to consult a physician before giving them any antacid medication.

Pepmelt products are generally safe to use, but some users may experience side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea. If these symptoms persist or worsen, it is advisable to seek medical attention.

Pepmelt products should only be used during pregnancy after consulting a physician. Pregnant women should avoid self-medication and always follow the advice of their healthcare provider.