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Explore the Best Feeding and Nursing Products at Apollo Pharmacy

For every mom-to-be, choosing from a wide range of feeding products can be overwhelming. The first problem is deciding whether to feed their child through breastfeeding or using a feeding bottle. According to experts, you must breastfeed your child for the first six months. Once they start on solid foods, you can still breastfeed them through the first year and even beyond if needed.
At Apollo Pharmacy, you can find all the nursing essentials you need to nurse and feed your baby. We provide you with the highest quality nursing and feeding kits to suit your requirements. 

Must-Have Nursing Essentials 

Every mother-to-be has much to prepare, from clothes, diapers, wipes, and other baby gear. If they are planning to breastfeed their baby, there are some nursing essentials that they should keep handy before the baby arrives. 

  • Feeding bottle
  • Nursing pad
  • Nursing bra or tanks
  • Nipple cream
  • Breastfeeding pillow
  • Breast pump

Being prepared with the proper feeding and nursing products will ensure that you have every essential available whenever needed. In emergencies, a well-equipped nursing and feeding kit is useful. 
Breastfeeding mothers need to be equipped with the highest quality feeding and nursing products. They also need to consider other factors. For instance, newborns have sensitive skin and a delicate immune system. Hence, feeding products like feeding bottles, breast pumps, etc., must be tested for quality checks.

Tips for Feeding and Nursing 

Motherhood can be a beautiful experience, but it can also be overwhelming for mothers to learn new things about their babies quickly. They can also face problems when using feeding and nursing products. 
The following tips can help you take care of these things: 
Keep track of your child’s food requirements. Observe and plan your schedule accordingly. Kids can feel hungry even at odd hours. So, make sure you are prepared for that. 
If you plan to use feeding products in public, then plan to ensure everything goes smoothly. 
Use only the best feeding and nursing products for your child. Make sure to read the product labels and check if they have been tested for quality purposes. 

Frequently asked questions

How often do newborns need to eat?

A newborn needs nursing about eight to twelve times per day during the first few weeks. Watch out for signs that may indicate your baby is hungry such as newborns moving their heads side to side, sticking out their tongues, crying and more. You do not necessarily need a feeding schedule. However, keep a check on your baby's timely requirements. 

Should you feed nutritional supplements to newborns?

Since a mother's milk has all the essential and right combination of vitamins and iron that are easy to absorb, any healthy newborn baby being nursed by the mother does not need extra vitamins or nutritional supplements. However, vitamin D is an exception, and babies who breastfeed should begin vitamin D supplements within the first few days. 

How do you know if a newborn is getting enough to eat?

There are ways to understand if your baby is getting enough to eat. You can look for signs such as having regular bowel movements, having about six to eight wet diapers daily, being alert when awake, gaining weight, etc. 

When should you use a feeding bottle for your baby?

You can introduce your baby to feeding bottles after the breastfeeding or breast milk supply is established. Once your breastfeeding goes well, you can introduce a bottle between two to four weeks.