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Get Your Herbal and Flavoured Juices from Apollo Pharmacy!

It is recommended that adults drink at least 3.7 litres daily. However, the  of drinking so much water may not go down well with most people. People who cannot drink so much water can turn to healthy beverages of varying flavours to complement their water intake.

Besides water, flavoured juices are some of the most popular options for hydration. Not only do these juices come in your favourite flavours, but they are also infused with medicinal herbs that help provide multiple health benefits. Some of these benefits may include boosting the immune system and a detoxification process that may expel harmful toxins from the body.

So, get these flavoured juices from Apollo Pharmacy today! Explore a rich collection of flavoured juices at competitive prices.

Common Ingredients Used in Flavoured Juices

Often loaded with a combination of herbs and fruits, flavoured juices are prepared using some common ingredients. In fact, herbal juices are created using an assortment of herbs such as:

  • Amla: The herb is an excellent source of vitamin C and several types of potent antioxidants. 
  • Tulsi: The herb can help boost immunity and reduce the frequency and severity of infections
  • Aloe Vera: Used for its antibacterial properties in applications like skin care, the stem of aloe vera plant can improve digestive and oral health as well
  • Wheatgrass: A rich source of micronutrients such as vitamin A, C, E, and iron, the herb also offers antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

In addition, juices are also made using common fruits like litchi and mangoes. In some cases, these fruits are combined with herbs to provide taste and nutrition.

Benefits of Flavoured Juices

The primary benefit of flavoured juices is that they are available in various flavours, thereby allowing them to satisfy all kinds of tastebuds. Some of the other benefits associated with these juices are:

  • Juicing does not make the fruit or herb lose any of its health benefits. Instead, it provides an easy way to ingest these items and acquire their nutrients while having the option to alter their taste with external ingredients
  • Herbal juices are rich in antioxidants, which may assist in the removal of harmful toxins from the body and lead to glowing skin
  • Ensures hydration throughout the day
  • These juices are rich in fibre content. Intake of fiber promotes digestive health and may aid the body in absorbing nutrients in a more effective manner

These benefits can be only availed when juices are taken in recommended dosages. Additionally, it is essential to consult a doctor before starting intake of herbal juices since they may produce undesirable effects in people with allergies. 

Frequently asked questions

Do flavoured juices have the nutrients of the fruit?

Yes, flavoured juices consist of most of the vitamins, minerals, and plant chemicals present in the corresponding fruit.

Do herbal juices have any side effects?

Herbal juices do not pose any significant side effects unless you have a history of allergies. In some cases, however, prior medication can also produce unwanted effects. So, it is better to consult a doctor before consuming herbal juices.

Can I drink juice daily?

Although flavoured juices may contain most of the nutrients associated with their corresponding fruit, relying on juices daily might not be suitable for your overall health. Instead, you can ingest juices intermittently while consuming fruits daily to sustain your nutrition.

What is the shelf life of packaged juices?

The shelf life of juices differs according to the preservative used. Some manufacturers use chemical preservatives, while others use natural preservatives like sugar. The standard shelf life of a packaged juice is considered to be around 45 days once opened.

Where can I buy quality juices?

Apollo Pharmacy offers a convenient and easy way to buy flavoured juices, with a vast collection online. You can order the juices from the comfort of your home without the hassle of visiting a nearby store!