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Get the Best Nutrition Powder at Apollo Pharmacy

Self-care is among the essential aspects of an individual's life. A huge part of self-care is maintaining one's body through various workouts, including yoga, weight-lifting, cardio, etc. However, working out can often negatively impact one's body if not nourished with the right type of nutrition afterwards. Thus, nutrition powder is one of the essentials in any aspiring gym enthusiast’s starter pack. 

Nutritional supplements such as protein powder serve various purposes. Hence, finding the right one for you is of utmost importance.

Apollo Pharmacy has a wide range of nutrition powders for everyone. Protein powder is also available in different flavours such as vanilla, chocolate, etc. 

Uses of Protein Powder for Health Maintenance

Protein is a structural component of the bone, muscles, and skin. It is required by the body to generate hormones and enzymes, as well as other substances. Thus, using a protein powder could be highly beneficial. Protein powders provide the following health advantages:

  • Protein-rich diets and protein powders can help people feel satiated for an extended period. It reduces snacking, helping one lose weight efficiently.
  • Protein is necessary for muscle building, which is why athletes and gymgoers rely on it.
  • Protein may assist in healing damaged muscles and tissues and contribute to muscular development.
  • People who struggle to achieve their body's minimal protein requirement may discover that protein powder provides easy supplementation.

Precautions for Consuming Nutrition Powder

When consumed reasonably, nutrition powder is unlikely to cause any unpleasant side effects. However, extremely high dosages can result in:

  • Cramps
  • Reduced appetite
  • Stomach pain
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Nausea

Additionally, lactose intolerant individuals may find themselves allergic to whey protein powders. Given that most nutrition powders have a certain amount of added sugar, it can be detrimental to people with diabetes. So, one should always practice discretion when opting for any nutrition powder. 

Excessive protein consumption can also lead to a decrease in the intake of primary fruits, vegetables, and legumes, which the body utilises to nourish and support gut flora. Hence, one should always seek advice from a dietician or regular healthcare provider on how much supplemental nutrition powder they can consume safely.

Frequently asked questions

What are the different types of protein powders for health maintenance?

The different categories of protein powder for health maintenance are:
Whey: Water-soluble, used most frequently.
Soy: Alternative to whey and casein protein.
Pea: Fully plant-based, great for vegans.
Casein: Rich in glutamine, helps with muscle recovery.
Hemp: Alternative for those with soy or dairy allergies.

Can someone with diabetes consume nutrition powder?

People with diabetes should avoid any nutrition powder since they usually contain a certain amount of added sugar. This can cause an unhealthy spike in blood sugar levels.

What is the recommended dosage of protein powder?

Most people's bodies can comfortably handle 2.5–3.3 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight a day from diet and supplementation. Limit yourself to one serving of protein powder for health maintenance to avoid adverse effects. However, it is best to consume protein from food sources and use the protein powder only as a supplement, not a substitute.

What can be some long-term side effects of consuming protein powder?

Protein powder is usually safe for most individuals when consumed in moderation. However, some side effects of high dosages include excessive bowel movements, nausea, thirst, bloating, acne, decreased appetite, fatigue, and headaches. If taken in excess, it can also reduce gut flora and cause digestive issues in the long run.

What are some ways to consume nutrition powder?

You can mix a flavoured nutrition powder with water according to the package instructions. Alternatively, you can blend it with milk and fruits to make shakes or smoothie bowls.