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Get the Best ORS Drink at Competitive Prices from Apollo Pharmacy

Dehydration and diarrhoea can cause significant water and salt loss from the body. The implications can be severe if they are not efficiently and timely restored. Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) helps treat diarrhoea, vomiting, and electrolyte and water loss. In such cases, one can use an ORS drink to restore the lost fluids and electrolytes.

Most Oral Rehydration Solutions have a healthy combination of ingredients that help prevent the physical symptoms of dehydration, allowing for a faster recovery. One can also use them to cool down after a long day out on the field since they help replenish the electrolytes and salts lost during the day.

They also come in several ready-to-drink packs to consume on the go. Not to forget, they are also available in many different flavours. 

Apollo Pharmacy has a wide range of ready-to-drink Oral Rehydration Solutions. These come in tetra packs in various flavours, including orange and lemon.

Benefits of Consuming a ready-to-drink Oral Rehydration Solution

Most Oral Rehydration Solutions are a combination of water, glucose, salt, potassium, and citrate. Some of the benefits of an ORS drink are:

  • Rehydrates you quickly and effectively
  • Replenishes vital electrolytes quickly
  • Helps recover strength and reduces muscle cramps caused by fluid loss

In addition to having various benefits, ORS drink is administrable to all. Children can also safely consume them. 

Potential Risks of Taking Oral Rehydration Solution

It is unusual to have an adverse reaction to ready-to-drink Oral Rehydration Solutions. Allergies are even rarer, given the simple and rather basic composition of an ORS drink. 
However, if the ORS drink is not diluted correctly, it might induce salt poisoning. This is sometimes referred to as hypernatremia, which is as dangerous as dehydration. Some possible adverse effects include nausea, vomiting, weakness, lack of appetite, disorientation, excessive thirst, and, in extreme circumstances, kidney damage. 
Hence, consult a doctor before consuming ORS drinks and maintain a certain level of moderation while consuming them. Always follow the packet instructions to avoid salt poisoning.

Frequently asked questions

What are some common symptoms of dehydration?

Some common symptoms of severe dehydration are:
Dark urine
Excessive thirst
Lack of sweat production
Low blood pressure
Persistent fatigue
Sunken eyes
Severe dehydration is usually a medical emergency, and the immediate respite is administering an ORS drink to the patient. Subsequently, the patient must be taken to the ER for further treatment.

How do I consume Oral Rehydration Solution?

There are a few ways to consume an Oral Rehydration Solution. One of the most convenient ways to replenish lost salts is to consume tetra packs of ready-to-drink Oral Rehydration Solutions. However, a regular packet of ORS drinks needs to be diluted with water as directed on the packet.

Can children, pregnant women and lactating women consume ready-to-drink Oral Rehydration Solution?

Yes, children, pregnant and lactating women can all consume Oral Rehydration Solution. Children could greatly benefit from consuming an ORS drink since they are highly susceptible to dehydration. The varied flavours of ORS drinks make it easy for children to consume them. However, pregnant and lactating women should consult a doctor before consuming them.

Who should avoid taking an ORS drink?

You should use caution while using oral rehydration solutions if you:
Have a kidney problem
Suffer from diabetes
Have a history of heart failure
Are currently taking blood pressure or heart disease medications. 
A doctor can assess whether or not an oral rehydration solution is appropriate for you.

What is the ideal dosage for an ORS drink?

Oral Rehydration Solution dosages should be carefully adjusted to the patient's fluid maintenance and replacement needs. Adults can consume 2-4 litres per day, while children can consume up to 1-2 litres per day. One must continue taking it until their diarrhea or other dehydration symptoms are fully resolved.