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Explore the Best OTC Products at Apollo Pharmacy

Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines are among the most widely required products in pharmacy stores. These medications are considered safe to use without an official prescription from a medical professional. 

Over-the-counter medicines are used to treat the symptoms of common issues like pain, cold, flu, acne, heartburn, etc. Apollo Pharmacy provides genuine, high-quality over-the-counter products for all your medical requirements. 

Over the years, OTC products have grown significantly, and the market has expanded substantially. These products have been tested and made available for people to help them recover from ailments that may not require special treatment from a medical professional. However, OTC products are not just limited to medicines. Some products such as sprays, bandages, and cotton pads also help relieve an ailment.

Benefits of Purchasing OTC Products

OTC products significantly benefit many people. With their easy availability, these products or medicines help treat common and self-treatable ailments or symptoms like minor pain, common cold, allergies, etc. 

They are critical in advancing consumer health because they allow people to manage their conditions conveniently. They even help health systems save valuable resources, time, and money. While they are essential to the healthcare system, you must always seek advice or consult a medical professional before using these products. 

The many benefits of OTC products help the industry as a whole. It benefits pharmacists, doctors, and consumers and impacts society's health. However, since these products are readily available to consumers, pharmacies need to ensure that they only include high-quality products within their shelf life.

At Apollo Pharmacy, you get access to OTC products that have been thoroughly tested for quality control and give the best results. 

Different Types of OTC Products

Over-the-counter medicines generally treat common and self-treatable conditions. Hence, they can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Digestive and intestinal ailments
  • Pain
  • Cough, cold, and allergy
  • Topical disorders
  • The OTC products are available in different forms such as:
  • Tablets, capsules, and lozenges
  • Liquids
  • Patches
  • Sprays

In most countries, over-the-counter medicines undergo several regulatory requirements to ensure that the products contain safe and effective ingredients. Once these medicines pass the regulations, they are made available for use. 
The products need to be handed to the consumers by registered or practising pharmacists. In many cases, online or in-store pharmacies may even require their consumers to show their ID proof before approving their purchase. The type of products that may fall under the category of over-the-counter products may vary from region to region. 

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