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Shop for Nutritional Health Supplements from Apollo Pharmacy 

Millions of people consume different types of health supplements every day. Many of them consume these supplements to treat nutrient deficiencies or limit their risk of contracting specific diseases. Whatever may be the reason, health supplements can play a key role in the overall health of an individual.

Almost all the health supplements contain concentrated doses of vital nutrients, such as minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, or protein. These supplements can be in the form of tablets, liquid syrups, powders, or blends to meet dietary demands.

So which health supplement is good for you? The answer to this question depends on certain factors, including age, lifestyle, diet, medical history, etc . But, don't worry. Apollo Pharmacy can help you select the best health supplements to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Why should you consume health supplements?  

Eating a "decent, balanced" diet alone won't make you healthy. The food we consume is essentially below standard when you combine bad dietary choices, overly processed foods, and subpar farming methods.

An unhealth diet that includes overly processed foods, saturated fats, added sugar, and artificial preservatives can adversely affect your overall health. Such a diet can also lead to different types of nutritional deficiencies. In such a scenario, intake of dietary supplements, such as supplement capsules and powders, can help you achieve optimum wellbeing.

Here are some of the reasons why consumption of supplement can be beneficial for you:

  • Excess toxins: Our bodies require more nutrition to cope and fight pollutants in our contemporary, rapidly evolving world. The micronutrients in food today are insufficient to meet the demand. The toxic chemicals we encounter in our daily environment can be mitigated by consuming daily supplement capsules.
  • Mineral-depleted water: Even our water is devoid of minerals due to inappropriate use of water purifiers and filters. Since we engage in over-filtering, we are losing out on essential minerals.
  • Poor nutrient absorption: As we age, we have difficulty processing food and absorbing the micronutrients we require. The vitamins lost during the digestive process can be restored with Apollo’s supplement capsules. 
  • Long-distance production: A large portion of the fruit and vegetables you find at your neighbourhood supermarket was shipped from other parts of the country or possibly the entire world. Due to their extensive shipping and storage prior to its arrival on the shelves, certain produce loses much of its vitamin content.
  • Workout supplements: For healthy energy generation and recuperation, your body needs more nutrients while you work out. Apollo’s supplement powders can fill the gap between the micronutrients we require and the ones that are missing from our food.

4 best-selling health supplements from Apollo Pharmacy 

Some of the top supplements from Apollo Pharmacy:

  • Apollo Pharmacy Diabetic Protein Powder: The diabetic protein powder from Apollo Pharmacy is an excellent dietary supplement for individuals suffering from insulin resistance and diabetes. It releases glucose gradually and is packed with dietary fibres, monounsaturated fat, MCTs, and other micronutrients. 
  • Apollo Pharmacy Pre and Probiotic Capsules: This is a combination of 6 probiotics and 1 prebiotic that can help improve the digestive system and gut health. The Pre and Probiotic supplements from Apollo Pharmacy are also very effective in treating diarrhoea caused by medications. 
  • Apollo Pharmacy Amla Candy: Natural vitamin C is abundant in amla, which is also a great source of calcium, iron, phosphorus, and other micronutrients. This is great for preventing hair fall, enhancing immunity, and improving eyesight. Apollo’s dried amla candies are a delicious supplement that gives your taste buds a twist and has the ideal balance of acidic and sweet flavours. 
  • Apollo Life Ashwagandha Extract Capsules: The vegetarian Ashwagandha extract capsule from Apollo Pharmacy is renowned for considerably raising the levels of White Blood Cells (WBCs) in the body, strengthening the immune system's capacity to combat infections. It is an adaptogenic plant that supports reproductive and cardiovascular health and may relieve stress and anxiety. It functions as a potent immune modulator and antioxidant. 

Frequently asked questions

Is consuming Apollo Pharmacy’s Vitamin C and Zinc tablets a good idea?

Yes! The Vitamin C and Zinc Sulphate Chewable Tablets from Apollo Pharmacy can help enhance your immune function by facilitating the elimination of cell-damaging free radicals in your body. Additionally, they support the preservation of healthy blood vessels, skin, teeth, and bones. Effective immunity-building is made possible by zinc infused in the supplement.

If you eat well, do you require supplement capsules?

The majority of specialists concur that multivitamins are not necessary for average, healthy persons who eat a nutritious diet. For most people, consuming supplement capsules regularly doesn't represent a significant risk, but they frequently use it as an insurance plan against a poor diet.

Can I consume numerous supplement capsules at once?

You may, but it's most likely not a smart idea. The time of day when you're consuming a supplement may affect its absorption. Additionally, combining certain minerals, vitamins, or other pills can decrease absorption and cause unfavourable interactions that could be dangerous to your health.

Do Apollo Pharmacy’s Daily Protein Powders have adverse side effects?

Protein powders are typically regarded as safe, but if you consume a lot of it, you can encounter digestive adverse effects. Dairy-based protein supplements may cause stomach distress, bloating, and gas if you are lactose intolerant or particularly sensitive to lactose.

Can vitamins harm your kidneys?

Some dietary supplements and herbs have been linked to kidney damage, even in healthy individuals. The most straightforward technique to determine whether a supplement is secure, given the extensive range of options available, is to check with your doctor to examine all the ingredients.