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Get the Best Baby Oral Care Set at Apollo Pharmacy

It is a well-known fact that your mouth contains several bacteria. However, as a teenager or adult, you are well-versed in taking care of your oral health. Babies, on the other hand, are dependent on their parents. Hence, along with investing in the right baby bathing products, you should pay equal attention to oral care items. 
At Apollo Pharmacy, you can explore a wide range of oral care products specially designed for your little ones. From oral gel to toothpaste, a teether to a toothbrush, our inventory consists of all the baby oral care requirements within reach of a single click.
Investing in reliable and safe newborn baby care products is essential as a parent. This way, you can eliminate any dental worries and maintain healthy baby teeth. 

Importance of Healthy Baby Teeth

The best oral care products aim to maintain excellent dental hygiene. These items have perfect ingredients that safeguard your baby’s teeth.
Healthy baby teeth are vital for various reasons. They define the shape of your child’s face and help in developing a comfortable talking motion. In addition, baby oral care items strengthen the teeth to make chewing and eating a lot easier. Caring for your baby’s teeth can prepare them for regular and robust permanent tooth growth.

Oral care products for babies have mild ingredients that are convenient for children. As a result, you can develop a regular infant oral care regime without any hassle. You can choose custom newborn baby care products for kids less than two years old. Also, you can buy generic baby oral health items for children over the two-year age bracket. Hence, the choices in baby products vary as per the age segment.

How to Use Baby Oral Care Products Properly?

As a consumer, you have plenty of options in the newborn baby care products market. Still, while choosing different items, pay attention to certain points. For instance, ensure that you always opt for a toothbrush with soft bristles.
Also, only use a minuscule amount when using a fluoride toothpaste for kids under three years. Pay close attention to the grip of most toothbrushes. They should be easy to handle for your child to learn proper oral care routine. Ensure you have complete oral care set to formulate a comprehensive dental care schedule. 

Frequently asked questions

When should you start cleaning the baby’s mouth?

Oral care for a baby’s teeth can start before your baby's first tooth appears. You don't need to use toothpaste or a toothbrush until then. 

How do you clean the baby’s gums?

To clean your baby's gums, wrap your finger with a clean and damp washcloth and gently rub the gums with it.

What are the things to consider when buying baby oral care products?

While buying baby oral care products, choose a toothpaste that does not contain fluoride and has a mild flavour, as it is safe in case the baby swallows a little accidentally. Look for a small-headed baby-sized toothbrush made to fit comfortably in a smaller mouth.

When should you see a dentist for your baby’s oral health?

You should see a dentist for your baby’s oral health when they are 12 months old. This is essential if babies have a high-cavity risk or other teeth problems. 

Where can I buy quality baby oral care products?

You can buy them online at Apollo Pharmacy. Apollo Pharmacy offers a wide online catalogue with a variety of baby oral care products.