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Explore Cartridges at Apollo Pharmacy

Today, grooming for men isn’t limited to what happens in a barber’s shop. Using hand-held shaving razors and various types of cartridges, men across India have started grooming their beards at home themselves.

With Apollo Pharmacy, you can avail a variety of cartridge products with just the click of a button. We have combined various products, including popular selections like Gillette Guard, on a unified platform.

Razors are cost-effective shaving mediums that can help you achieve the perfect look for your day or night. With the various types of razor blades available at Apollo Pharmacy, safety and effectiveness are guaranteed.

Razors versus Shavers

Cartridges, or blades, are an age-old formula for hair removal. Although new electric shavers have come into the market to provide an easy alternative to cartridge products, the benefits of using manual razors far outweigh these devices.

Shaving usually occurs after bathing, and shaving on wet skin can only happen with the help of cartridges. Razors like Gilette Guard allow for a close, clean shave that is difficult to achieve with electric shavers as well.

Additionally, manual razors cost a fraction to buy and replace when compared to their electric alternatives, which also require regular charging. The cost of replacing faulty parts of a shaver is equally high.

Benefits of Shaving

The use of Apollo's wide range of razor blades and products daily or regularly can have a lot of benefits for your skin.

  • If you don’t have enough hair on your face, regular shaving is said to promote hair growth. 
  • Shaving gives a clean, fresh look to your skin and helps scrub away the dead skin layer.
  • Additional shaving products like gels, creams, and foams, have antiseptic cleansing and healing properties, which improves skin health.
  • Daily or regular shaving also helps to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hair. It controls body odour too.

Thus, shaving is an unavoidable yet important part of the grooming routine, for both men and women, depending on the individual body hair growth. You can check out the best shaving products and cartridges at Apollo Pharmacy to fulfil all your shaving-related needs. 

Frequently asked questions

Is shaving good for women?

Shaving can be beneficial for women as it removes ingrown hair, baby hair, and dead skin to give a fresh glow. It’s a personal choice, but women can opt for shaving to help makeup sit better, to better absorb skincare products, and to look presentable too!

How long does a shaving cartridge last?

A shaving cartridge usually lasts between 5 to 10 shaves, depending on hair quantity and thickness and how the razor is maintained. You should replace your cartridge when you feel the blade dragging across your skin.

How can I make my cartridge products last?

To make your cartridge products last, try using shaving gels, foams, and creams generously to reduce strain on the razor. Rinse the razor with hot water before and after every shave, and prevent debris from collecting on the razor blades.

Why do razors have multiple blades?

Multiple blades help lift the hair away from the skin while being trimmed, reducing the likelihood of injury and providing a cleaner shave.

What is the best method for hair removal?

There are many hair removal methods, including waxing, threading, electric shavers, and exfoliators. Shaving with a razor is one of the most inexpensive, reliable, trustworthy, and painless methods of hair removal. Shaving needs to be done more frequently than other methods, but it is a great option for those who want to avoid pain and expense.